Tuesday , September 27 2022
nSpotlight Concert & Award launches Sing/Rap competition for up-and-coming musicians

nSpotlight Concert & Award launches Sing/Rap competition for up-and-coming musicians

Contestants are to visit https://spotlightawards.ng/singandrap/ to download the 1-minute competition instrumental. Contestants are to follow these steps.

Step 1 – Record a video of yourself singing/rapping to the 1 minute instrumental.

Step 2 – Upload the recorded video to your Instagram page and tag @spotligthconcert using the hashtags, #spotlightconcert2022 and #ownyoursound.

Step 3 – Share the video to increase your chances of getting selected for the regional auditions.

Step 4 – Upload the posted video to https://spotlightawards.ng/singandrap/

Contestants will be judged based on creativity and sound quality/technicality. The competition is for all artistes based in Nigeria between the ages of 16-35.

According to the Head of Asanbe Music, Olumide Asanbe, the competition is a natural progression of the Spotlight Concert & Award to develop and equip the next generation of Africa’s music superstars.

“We are delighted about this competition as it opens new possibilities for upcoming artistes. We want to provide an avenue for the next generation of superstars to thrive. We do not doubt that this initiative will achieve its set objective to keep young Nigerians engaged, and give them hope that they can become stars too. It gives them something to look forward to and keeps them away from crime,” Asanbe stated.

Spotlight Concert & Award is powered by Asanbe Music Records and Oxfordblue Limited.

Entries for the Sing/Rap Competition have commenced and will close in January 2022.


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