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On his eponymous debut EP, Boy Spyce uncovers hidden feelings [Pulse Contributor's Opinion]

On his eponymous debut EP, Boy Spyce uncovers hidden feelings [Pulse Contributor’s Opinion]

Even though this writer praises Boy Spyce and the EP’s producers for the chord progression, songwriting, breath control, and overall music production, it is the emotions that emerge when listening to these songs that are most important. To this writer, music is about how it makes you feel rather than the technology and effort that went into creating it.

According to this perspective, the Boy Spyce EP did indeed make this writer feel like a boy.

Boy Spyce, a young singer who became an internet sensation in 2021 after covering Wizkid’s ‘Essence’ and Gyakie’s ‘Forever,’ among other songs, is a talent to be reckoned with. When Boy Spyce appeared in 2021, all this writer saw was another lanky, wide-eyed boy with a dream. He still had his hair without the blonde streaks, and it was barely combed. He wore a sleeveless tie-dye shirt and sang with such zeal that it seemed like his entire life depended on the words and melodies that came out of his mouth. He was singing outside, not looking up at the barely perplexed passers-by. He was completely engrossed in a cover of Wizkid’s Essence. If he cared about anything other than music at the time, it was imperceptible. And that cover was exceptional enough to catch many people’s attention, garnering over a million views across all social media platforms.

Most people believe that after that, he posted one more video on April 19th, then vanished. But not for me; I’ll be meeting Boy Spyce just a week after that viral Essence Cover. This writer had an interview for a role at Mavin HQ in April 2021, and there he was in a bucket hat, reclining comfortably on a sofa in the company’s lounge. I was sitting directly across from him, but this writer didn’t say anything to him. I’m not the most outgoing person. This writer won’t say anything to Boy Spyce until we start planning his reveal months later. (Yeah, this writer got the job).

As far back as 2020, Boy Spyce was under the tutelage of Don Jazzy and Mavin Records. He had been linked to Mavin for over a year before the viral video that this writer, along with over 600,000 other people, saw. To be honest, knowing this before hearing his EP took a little of the luster off that freestyle for me. Despite being organic and impressive, the freestyle began to appear to be a highly ingenious feint up until his debut project was released by Mavin.

We could go on and on about Boy Spyce’s vocal prowess and pen game. We can delve into the sublime production of the project, the artiste’s breath control, and his sonic range. Nonetheless, as previously stated, it will only be about the artist and not about the feelings this project elicited in me.

You see, there are people like me who, despite having been through adversity, are always on the lookout for tenderness. People who enjoy stories, such as myself, exist. People for whom music is both an acceptance and an escape; an invitation-only dive into the artist’s soul.

The project struck a chord with this writer, eliciting strong emotions, but it fell short of demonstrating the artist’s versatility. Nonetheless, it is an outstanding body of work.

Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of a Pulse Contributor, it doesn’t reflect the opinions of the company.

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