Tuesday , May 24 2022
On Will Smith, Hollywood  needs a chill pill [Pulse Editor’s Opinion]

On Will Smith, Hollywood needs a chill pill [Pulse Editor’s Opinion]

Smith’s infamous slap forced many sides but largely those for and against the 53-year-old actor. Some have argued that he smartly played the protective husband whose first line of duty is to protect his wife from the obvious embarrassment of being the muse for Chris Rock’s witty jokes especially of something so sensitive as her battle with alopecia.

Others have argued that Jada will be the death of the man, citing yet another show of discombobulation on what was a historical night for his decades long career. I, for one think that Smith was anything but smart. That was not the time or place to “do silly things for love.” It was supposed to be his spotlight for all the peachy reasons and certainly not for rascality. Sadly, what’s done is done.

Before the end of the week, Smith had offered three public apologies including his not so shocking resignation from the Academy.

The implications of Smith’s resignation are of course bearable. The man’s contribution or lack of it may be necessary but will not be missed. Without severe disciplinary actions, Smith will present the awards at the next Oscars, will most likely keep his ‘Best Actor’ award and may even be nominated if this doesn’t drag his career to the gallows.

Speaking of gallows, the noose is tightening around Smith’s neck with media outlets reporting that production giants with projects associated with the actor have paused development. And there we go again… Cancel culture out with its ugly head.

Quite frankly, the ‘cancel culture’ culture as seen over the years has grown from a cute little puppy to a ferocious beast ready to rip off heads without questions.

It’s happened so many times for it to be labelled just cute. In Smith’s case, the argument could be that no one fairly wants to go down with the embattled actor especially as we await the Academy’s disciplinary verdict on April 18. But, what more does Hollywood want from the man?

Over time, we have seen this disastrous culture attack the truly guilty and people who just want to exercise their free speech. Last year, Dave Chappelle, Johnny Depp and DaBaby were among the famous personalities to get roasted for either just speaking their non-woke truth or for mere allegations.

Not to sound all virtuous, I have been on the condemning side a few times, crying for justice and ‘cancellation’. But I see now that it benefits no one.

I also do not think that Smith deserves to be cancelled. How about punishment? By all means, the Academy must ensure people do not decide to settle vendettas on its stage but cancelling? It will do no good.

In Depp’s words, ‘It’s [cancel culture] so far out of hand now that I can promise you that no one is safe. Not one of you. No one out that door. No one is safe.”

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