Thursday , June 24 2021
Onyeka Onwenu: Mum would have killed me if I'd gone nude

Onyeka Onwenu: Mum would have killed me if I’d gone nude

By Sampson Unamka


ACE musician and broadcaster Onyeka Onwenu has said she would have been severely disciplined by her mum if she had given in to the temptation to dress indecently.

The 69-year-old Onwenu noted that some artists seemed to have gone too far in how they presented their public image but expressed hope that they would eventually evolve out of it.

“See, if I came out in anything nude, my mother would have killed me. It’s as simple as that; you’re dead. So, I dared not. Not because one was not tempted, I remember we wore minis, but you know, they’ve gone too far these days. But the thing is that there is an ongoing evolution. And then parents, let us also take responsibility.”

She spoke alongside music legends Sir Shina Peters, Queen Salawa Abeni, Bright Chimezie, Victor Uwaifo, and Yvonne Chaka Chaka at a recent event by AMC media for an upcoming music project tagged Cloud 9.


Responding to a question about the moral culture and quality of today’s artists and their music compared with that of her time, she suggested that younger artists need guidance because they are still evolving.

Onwenu said: “Leave them alone, they’re going to evolve. When you do music and the music is not lasting, you’ll realise you’re out of the way. Right now, we have artists that we can be proud of, they’re bringing laurels to us from all over the world. They’re reaching places that because of technology, some of us didn’t get to, and all I can say is that continue teaching, let’s continue talking. Those that are real artists will endure; they’re coming with a sense of purpose”.

Speaking of the Cloud 9 concert and award ceremony, Onwenu said she worked on new music while the Covid-19 pandemic raged and promised her fans to expect something new. Cloud 9 is a retrospective project designed to rekindle the social groove of the 60s to 80s and will allow fans to celebrate and honour their legends who will perform on the same stage.

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