Saturday , September 24 2022
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Popular gospel singer, Frank Edwards has revealed what a fan used the money he gave him for.

The singer revealed via Instagram how the fan who operates a shawarma stand randomly saw him on Sunday, November 21 and began to praise him.

He stated that he was touched by the show of love and decided to gift the fan some money.

Frank Edwards went on to explain that the fan later sent him a message on whatsapp that he used the money to buy his first studio equipment to help his music carrier.

He said: “So I randomly met this guy yesterday at a shawarma place where he works, he just started screaming “my mentor , Omg !! “ etc

“Afterwards I decided to sow a seed to him .. so got his account details and sent my seed! And he started with another level of drama Now why am i sharing this ? He told me that even though he works at the shawarma place he is an upcoming producer.. and this guy took from the money I gave him straight to the music store to get his first studio equipment!! I’m so impressed to see how serious he is with his dream!! He didn’t go to buy shoes and chains !! My brother you will succeed in JESUS NAME!!”

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