Friday , June 9 2023
#PulseElection2023: 7 ongoing lifestyle horrors that'll make you get your PVC ASAP

#PulseElection2023: 7 ongoing lifestyle horrors that’ll make you get your PVC ASAP

See, all the policies that’ll be made by the people elected into office in 2023 will trickle down into the day-to-day lifestyle choices of all of us, the common people of Nigeria.

If you think we’re just being sensationalist, you too see the terrible lifestyle choices on offer to Nigerians at the time of writing this story:

You can’t even travel across state lines for business and other important things, let alone fun and [LMAO] tourism. If kidnappers are not lining up to shoot you out of your vehicle and kidnap you, terrorists are waylaying your train with bombs. And if you think you are just going to fly above all those dangerous risks, what if airlines are on strike over the cost of jet fuel like they threatened a while back?

See why getting a PVC in order to try to turn the situation around is important?

2. Brain drain on the rise

This is still on the travel front, but it deserves its own separate subheading.

People are escaping Nigeria en-masse, and it’s some of the most brilliant minds – doctors, nurses, specialised professionals, etc -who are leaving their homes behind for the chance of a safer life away from home. The result? The country’s intelligence bank is vastly diminished and the trend is not even slowing down!

3. Food prices are choking everyone

Surely you can tell the insane inflation in food prices. Surely, it touches you. Surely it’s choking you like it’s choking everyone else.

We know you already know how insane it is, but please look at this tweet below to see how stark the situation really is.

What does it tell you when those tasked with ensuring great healthcare systems for you in Nigeria are always jetting out for their own healthcare?

Make no mistake, it won’t change if you don’t actively do something to at least upturn the current state of affairs. Indifference won’t cut it. Get your PVC and vote wisely for a better Nigeria with stronger healthcare structures.

5. Education remains paralyzed

ASUU has been on strike for over 3 months at the time of this piece and life is just going on as normal for the politicians, ministries and personnel who should be accountable for such insanity.

And you think sitting back without participating in the next election is what will turn things around? Please abeg!

6. On relationships, dating and marriage

Picture this: food prices mean the cost of dates are [kinda] rising as well. Now you can’t even propose to your babe because the amount needed to do a wedding in 2015 or 2019 has increased by a significant margin in 2022 while income has hardly moved up. To rent an apartment for the new bride nko? How about school fees for the potential kids?

Again, the people elected to office WILL affect your lifestyle choices for good or bad. Don’t you think you should have a say in who they are? The first step is to get your PVC. NOW.

In a country where over 43% of the population is below 35, many of whom make money online and depend heavily on the internet and social media, there shouldn’t be anything like a social media blackout. But as recent history has taught us, the government can – and will – do it even if it means ruining the livelihood of millions of people and making life unnecessarily unbearable for them.

With the right people in office, however, this should not be an issue. So get your PVC and hopefully your vote counts towards reversing the negative order of the day.

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