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Reactions As Kizz Daniels Shuns Zambian Lady, Offering Him Flower At Airport

Reactions As Kizz Daniels Shuns Zambian Lady, Offering Him Flower At Airport

Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel has stirred mixed reactions online, after refusing to collect a flower bouquet at the airport in Zambia.

In the video making the rounds online, Kizz Daniel after he arrived at the airport was approached by a lady holding a huge bouquet of flowers but he merely acknowledged her.

Notwithstanding Kizz Daniels’ bodyguard accepted the flower on his behalf.

The video also captured reporters attempting to get a response from the singer on what his Zambian fans should expect from him but he kept silent.

This generated angry reactions from Zambian fans stating that Kizz Daniels’ action at the airport was uncalled for while some Nigerians defended him.

row_dah18 wrote: “Abeg, even Queen Elizabeth collects flowers from people but to each their own sha”

abagbodi wrote: “But he appreciated it, by touching his chest as sign of love”

Graced Mandy wrote: “Kizz Daniel is my favourite Nigerian artist but that behaviour is Uncalled for. Did his management force him to visit Zambia or what?”

Tkasonde wrote: “Leave your stupid attitude in Nigeria your home not in Zambia. That attitude at the airport was stupid and wasn’t necessary.”

Blessings wrote: “@kizzdaniel what you did at the airport is uncalled for that’s a stupid behavior you showed in Zambia. We don’t care how big  you are but at least show gratitude when being welcomed”

glambyadu wrote: “Someone just landed,he is probably tired how is he not collecting flowers embarrassing? He didn’t push her away oo and he still showed a sign that he appreciated it and immediately someone on his team collected it….should he have acted like bbn housemate ni ?”

officialamayafeel wrote: “Without fans u are nobody, u take the flower first then hand it over to ur bouncer”

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