Trump's Literacy In Question After He Thinks Georgia Special Grand Jury Report Clears Him

Republicans Are Scrambling To Teach Cognitively Declining Trump Policy Before The Debate

Trump is not doing debate prep, but having policy time where Republican senators try to teach the cognitively declining ex-president before the debate.

Maggie Haberman reported on CNN with Anderson Cooper:

He’s not doing mock debates. He’s not doing mock debates that could, that could certainly change. But he’s been doing what they’ve been describing as policy time where they bring in different people to brief him. A bunch of senators have come up, come in last week, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Eric Schmitt, both briefed him at the RNC headquarters after his meeting with lawmakers around Capitol Hill, which was his first major meeting with party members since he became the presumptive nominee.

And they are focusing on various issues that could come up, abortion, health care, energy, COVID and then very specifically, and this was one thing that came up last Thursday, what Trump will say when asked January 6th related questions, particularly his statements about pardoning some of the people who were arrested in connection with the violence that day.


This news that Trump is preparing for the debate by not doing any debate prep comes at the same time that it is being reported that Trump has serious memory issues. Senate Republicans are trying to teach a man who was president for four years about policy while he is dealing with severe memory problems.

What could possibly go wrong with this idea?

We’ve already seen what can go wrong because it already did.

When Trump was president, he refused to read or prepare and forced the people around him to give him verbal briefings, which explains how he could spend four years in the White House and appear to have learned nothing.

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