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REVIEW: Killertunes - KillaXtra [ALBUM]

REVIEW: Killertunes – KillaXtra [ALBUM]

Filled with midtempo gems, laced with Afro-pop, Afro-Fusion, Bashment, Afro-swing and even Trap production, Killertunes is mostly a purveyor of love. He pontificates and rumbles with his idea of romance; sometimes filled with a longing and sometimes, laced with bold declarations.

Other times, Killertunes is also a romantic molotov cocktail. On ‘The Vibe,’ he sings about sending a girl a DM. He then surprisingly declares, “Thunder go strike you, if you no reply…”

Make of that, what you will.

As much as that points to creative songwriting and humour, it is still wild.

Most of the other times – as on ‘Sharon’s Interlude,’ Killertunes’ idea of love is so sweet, it’s almost corny.

Love isn’t the only thing Killertunes addresses on his debut album though. On ‘Sure 4 U,’ he defers to God and shows gratitude. On ‘50 Miles,’ he discusses his dedication to his hustle. He also discusses intentional insomnia, which helps him to keep his foot on the throttle. He also discusses the trappings of ‘Fame’ with clarity and Nissi’s adlibs.

While ‘Bite Me’ occasionally seems cocky, the record sees Killertunes’ confidence laid bare – not the podcast. He then discusses money with pungent vanity on ‘Diamonds.’

Alongside the impressively assembled support cast of features, which aid Killertunes’ cause with timeous contributions. But what truly makes this album stand out is its impressive production. Killertunes proves why he’s one of Nigeria’s most sought after producers.

However, ‘KillaXtra’ chatter won’t be complete without the obvious similarities between Killertunes’ cadences, vocal texture and technique and Wizkid’s. Although with marked differences, the overall sonic feel and sonic approach ‘KillaXtra’ shares close similarities with ‘Made In Lagos.’

Themes and Delivery: 1.5/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.6/2

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