Thursday , October 21 2021

Sean Hannity Calls For A Do-Over In Pennsylvania As MAGA World Melts Down

In one other signal that the MAGA world is melting down because the presidency slips away from Donald Trump, Sean Hannity referred to as for a do-over of the election in Pennsylvania.

“The one treatment I might see at that time is … a do-over in that state,” Hannity stated with a straight face. “One thing that has by no means been completed in a presidential election.”

In fact, the explanation a do-over “has by no means been completed earlier than” is shedding candidate can’t simply name for an additional election as a result of they don’t just like the authorized outcomes of the primary one.

Hannity’s do-over suggestion is ludicrous and he is aware of it, however it can present false hope to his MAGA viewers.

Biden is on the trail to profitable Pennsylvania

It’s no shock that Donald Trump and his MAGA hangers-on are melting down in actual time and, in Sean Hannity’s case, on dwell tv.

At this hour, Trump’s margin in Pennsylvania continues to shrink at a fast tempo and Biden is probably going on observe to overhaul the president.

The identical factor is unfolding in Georgia, as Biden and Trump are in a digital tie, with the Democratic nominee prone to overtake the president as extra votes are available in.

Deep down, Donald Trump and his loyalists know that their goose is cooked, they usually’re desperately flailing to keep away from what’s more and more the unavoidable: President-Elect Joe Biden.

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