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Sharon Ooja on how her character in 'Flawsome' is different from previous roles

Sharon Ooja on how her character in ‘Flawsome’ is different from previous roles

Ooja plays Ivie, a wide-eyed young woman who abandoned a career as a doctor to pursue her passion for fashion while juggling a deadbeat boyfriend, a toxic boss and other real-life issues.

Through her portrayal, we get a glimpse into the hectic life of the fashion intern facing what some may call the standard Nigerian internship.

In this interview, Ooja breaks down her interesting role in the 13-part drama series, created and directed by Tola Odunsi:

What were your first reactions when you got the script?

I was like, finally someone is addressing the different kinds of problems that friends face; realistic problems and I felt like it was such a beautiful mix because it’s the truth. In some friendships, you have the rich one, the upcoming one, the wanna-be, and the one that is self-righteous, which is the exact mix of the four girls. So when I read the script, I felt people would identify themselves with these characters.

What would you say were Ivie’s biggest moments, her turning point, and biggest achievements?

Ivie’s biggest moment was when she realized that she didn’t need Poju. She realised she could do and achieve so much more without that toxic relationship in her life. It was also her breaking moment when she realized that she didn’t really need anybody’s validation to do or achieve her dreams considering her major problem was insecurity. Forming and acting rich really put a dent in her character but it all came from a place of insecurity for her.

Would you say you have any similarities at all?

To be honest, no, because I have a fantastically sharp relationship with my mother and a fantastic one with my siblings. I also have a good love life – which is very private – but it’s very blessed. I am also a go-getter and a very confident woman. So, I don’t think I can relate to Ivie.

What makes this character different from any roles you’ve played before?

The mental struggle of insecurity. We all have natural insecurities, but Ivie’s insecurity was very loud. Personally, I’m not an insecure woman so I struggled to understand why she felt a certain way. Most of the time, I was like “sister, use your head!” But that’s what made it a character, so I had to work hard to stay in it.

Would you be friends with your character if she was here in real life?

Yeah, definitely and I’ll teach her how to love herself a hundred percent.

‘Flawsome’ is streaming on Showmax. New episodes drop every Thursday.

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