Singer Shakira

Singer Shakira ‘is filming bombshell doc about life after Gerard Pique’

Singer Shakira


Shakira is reportedly filming a bombshell documentary that will focus on her dramatic life changes after her ugly split from former footballer, Gerard Pique. 



The Colombian singer, 46, made headlines in the months after the split by releasing diss songs, including BZRP Music Session #53, in which she claimed Pique had ‘traded a Rolex for a Casio’, when he left her for his 24-year-old lover Clara Chia. 


Singer Shakira

Spanish journalist Laura Fa said: ‘I think it will be about the drama she’s gone through and it will be called: “The cheating and me.” It will be the [diss] song in documentary form.’ 



Journalist Lorena Vasquez added: ‘It’s clear Shakira is recording graphic material for an audiovisual project, a documentary or a documentary-style reality. 


‘It seems nowadays like if you’re a famous person and you haven’t got your own documentary-style reality, you’re nobody.’ 



Shakira was spotted with a cameraman in the back of her vehicle when she arrived at court on Monday for her tax fraud trial and filmed the moment her lawyer Pau Molins went to meet her and they chatted before heading into court. 



Shakira is also said to have been recorded by two cameramen who wore Film Crew bibs as she left Barcelona’s El Prat on Wednesday to jet to Miami where she now lives



Following her trial on Monday, Shakira blasted Spanish authorities for targeting ‘high-profile individuals’ after she was hit with a £6.4million fine on top of a £15million tax bill for financial fraud – which she insists she only pleaded guilty to for the sake of her children.



The pop superstar was handed the seven-figure fine as part of a deal that both allows her to swerve jail time and puts an end to a lengthy fraud trial in Barcelona before it even began.



The singer, who has a net worth of roughly £240 million, insisted she was innocent but said she had made the decision to ‘spare my children seeing their mother sacrifice her well-being’.



‘I admire tremendously those who have fought these injustices to the end, but for me, today, winning is getting my time back for my kids and my career,’ she said in a statement.



She also blasted the Spanish authorities for pursuing her, saying her case was similar to others which have seen authorities go after ‘athletes and other high-profile individuals’. Such cases, she said, drain ‘those people’s energy, time, and tranquillity for years at a time.’



The singer will be fined £6.4 million (€7.3m) for the six tax fraud crimes she confessed to as part of the deal announced in court today, less than a third of the amount prosecutors were seeking.



She had already repaid the tax which Spanish officials had accused her of dodging – which with interest on top came to nearly £15 million (€17m). 



She will also have to pay a fine of £378,000 (€432,000) to avoid prison.



Shakira and Pique split in May last year after 11 years together. They signed a child custody agreement last December after a protracted negotiation which came to a head with a marathon 12-hour meeting with their lawyers. 

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