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Skincare Secrets: How to free your skin’s pores.

Skincare Secrets: How to free your skin’s pores.

It is important to unclog your pores because clogged pores leads to blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and a dull skin complexion.

If you are constantly touching your face, you might be clogging your pores. Pollution in the environment can also lead to your pores getting clogged.

So how can you open your pores to prevent them from being clogged?

Drinking water for clear skin is not a colloquialism but a fact! Water hydrates, remove toxic substances and help your skin to look good.

You should drink at least 8 cups of water per day. Spice it up with lemon, cucumber, or other flavors.

Moisturizing controls the amount of oil your skin has.

The fact that your skin is getting oily doesn’t mean you shouldn’t moisturize it. A moisturized skin easily absorbs sebum into your skin, and this makes it less oily.

There should be no condition where you fall asleep with makeup on your face. None. Leaving makeup all night causes makeup to mix with dirt, bacteria, sweat and this clogs your pores.

Wet wipes are a big no. Use a hydrating cleanser instead.

Most times, steaming is done by a skincare specialist in a spa.

The specialist would use a skin steamer to let warm air into your face and open your pores.

After that, several treatments are applied by the skin care specialist to moisturize your skin.

Applying sunscreen is important, it doesn’t matter your complexion or ethnicity. Black people need sunscreen too.

You should apply sunscreen as often as possible. Sun damage dries your skin, increases the risk of having cancer and increases your skin’s pores.

Use SPF 30 or get a lotion that has SPF to protect your skin and pores.

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