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‘Smoke Break’ is an emotional rollercoaster by D-Truce [Pulse Album Review]

‘Smoke Break’ is an emotional rollercoaster by D-Truce [Pulse Album Review]

Even on Chance The Rapper’s Christian-themed album, Coloring Book, he still left a space for ‘Smoke Break,’ on which he is assisted by hedonism lord, Future. But on his own version of Smoke Break, D-Truce is a potpourri of moods on an emotional rollercoaster before he admits that people might come and go, but the weed will always stay.

D-Truce’s 11-track follow-up to 2019’s 2 Birds, 1 Stone seems to either be inspired by a series of smoke breaks, one smoke break or the pungent reliability of a spliff when the troubles of life hit hard as underlined by ‘Fly Away.’

Either it’s the Trap-heavy ‘Run The Cheque’ or the Drill-esque ‘Riding,’ he seems to create music with noticeable ease – presumably inspired by growth or an acceptance of self.

He also seems to have forgone a dispensation for vanity, even though a part of him seems to crave the vindictive life of a f*ckboy. He sing-raps and raps almost as he pleases, but the album still needed a Blackmagic feature.

As evidenced by ‘Smoke Break,’ it feels like D-Truce needed this album to heal from something – presumably the ex he rapped about on, ‘Walahi.’ As much as he likes money and seeks distraction and reliability from a blunt can’t outrun his need for romance because we all need love.

Even when he raps about living everyday like a Sunday on ‘Text My Ex,’ he still talks about a snobbish new girl whom he wants to wife.

All the while, his type is clear as revealed on ‘Keep It Kewt’ and the sGawd-assisted ‘Too Much.’ It’s a black woman of little words, with low waist, fat fire pussy and her own hustle.

He starts his album with a very pungent line, “I got bitches on my phone, I can’t fuck em all/I got money in my bank I can’t spend it all…” and ruminated over the activities of his philanderous ex and the ruins she left behind on ‘Walahi’ but he still pines for a ‘Real One.’

In between all of this, he also deals with dreams of getting rich, owning mansions and ‘Riding’ with his homies while puffing loud. But at the end of the day, he embraces the reliability of weed, his trusted friend that never gives him headaches.

Smoke Break is an excellent body of work which sees its creator crest on his strengths. Truce has always worn his heart on his sleeves, but this album deals with grown up issues in cathartic fashion.

The album is also triumphant and compelling; poignant and emotional; carefree and thoughtful. At the root of it is D-Truce, chopping and screwing between different genres of music with the balancing act of sweet music, beautiful progression and sonic satisfaction.

Like he never dwells on one topic, he also satisfies his listeners with a beautiful blend of sounds. By ‘Spaceships,’ it became certain that ‘Smoke Break’ should be in contention for year-end lists.

Content, Penmanship and Delivery: 1.8/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.5/2

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