Tuesday , May 11 2021

Sotayo: I’ve been with my husband for seven years

By Gbenga Bada


The interesting thing is I have been with my husband for seven years although we got married not long ago but not this year,” Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Tayo Sobola aka Sotayo, recently opened up in a recent chat.

The 35-year-old movie producer further noted that she loves to keep her private life very private from the public. “I have been married long before I decided to release the pictures of my marital status on social media. I am one who likes my life very private. I’m sorry I won’t be divulging more on his personality other than he’s my husband and we are married.”

The fashion designer and CEO of Clean Stitches also expressed that she doesn’t have a fixed fee as an actress. Sotayo claimed that the dynamics of the Nigerian film industry – especially films with Yoruba as its main language – is such that it becomes impossible for her to have a fixed fee. “I can’t say I have a fixed fee because I can play a character for someone for as much as N10 million and go and play another character in another film for N200,000 and sometimes for as low as no charges.”


Revealing her new designs from her fashion store, Sotayo revealed that the designs are inspired by her comfortability. She admitted that many of her clients actually patronise her store and designs because of the love they have for her as a popular Nigerian actress. “ I will say many of the clients are actually buying me because most times they tend to buy clothes that they see me wear on social media. For instance, if I wear material and it’s white and I write there that this material and clothing is also available in different colours. They will insist that unless they see me in those other colours, they will only buy the colour they have seen me wear. So, it’s more like they are buying me.”

Sotayo also announced that she’s opening an Abuja branch of her Clean Stitches store.

The ‘Bella’ star said she sees Abuja as her second home and because she has a lot of clients – just as she has in Lagos – she has decided to open a store in the Federal Capital City. She also hinted that she will be shuttling between Abuja and Lagos as well as other parts of the world.

Sotayo has produced over 10 films that include Corper Jide, Ojuloge Obirin, and Bella. She has also featured in several features and won awards for her acting abilities.


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