Stephen Colbert discusses the firing of Tucker Carlson on The Late Show.

Stephen Colbert Giddily Dances On The Career Grave Of Tucker Carlson

Stephen Colbert had to wait a week, but he finally got to celebrate the Fox News firing of Tucker Carlson.


Here are some of Colbert’s best Tucker Carlson jokes:

Fox News fired Tucker Carlson. I finally get to say that on TV I been holding this in for a week I feel like I just had the best pee of my entire life. Like him or not and for the record don’t, Carlson was the most watched cable news host so why fire him? Fox did not give a reason in fact Tucker Carlson’s exit remains a mystery yes a mystery. You can read all about it in Nancy Drew In The Case Of Why Didn’t This Happen Years Ago?

For those who don’t know what word I’m talking about he called his boss a CU next Tuesday or in this case a CU never Tucker.

It’s not just sexism, reportedly some higher-ups at Fox were concerned about what they felt was thinly veiled racism on his show. Thinly veiled? No wonder they were mad Fox likes their racism cut thick like country bacon.

Currently, Tucker is a free agent there’s plenty of interest immediately after he was fired Tucker Carlson got an offer from Russia State Media. That’s got to be a tempting offer. Up till now he’s been representing Russia pro bono. Tucker also has gotten unofficial offers from One America News Network, conservative news outlet Blaze TV. Mike Lindell offered Tucker Carlson a job yes Lindell wants Tucker to be the pillow.

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Tucker Carlson was a cancer on the American mainstream media and a threat to democracy with his lies and misinformation. Carlson intentionally lied to his audience for ratings. Tucker Carlson even admitted that he lied to his viewers.

Stephen Colbert was off last week, so in his first return, he could not contain his happiness that Tucker Carlson is gone.

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