Stephen Curry Was Furious and Got a Technical Complaining About a Clear Foul

Stephen Curry Was Furious and Got a Technical Complaining About a Clear Foul

The Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Clippers, 120-114, on Thursday night in a clash of star-studded underachieving basketball teams. Stephen Curry had 26 points and eight assists in the win, but also got called for his first technical foul of the season. With just 26 total technicals in nearly 900 career regular season games you’d assume whatever led to the T was an absolutely egregious call. And yet…

Steph was called for a personal foul on Russell Westbrook and immediately started complaining. He went full Draymond here and 100% earned the technical foul. And the thing is, it’s clearly a foul. The replay shows that he has not one, but two hands on Westbrook’s arm and he definitely caused him to lose control of the basketball.

What the hell was he complaining about in the first place? This must just be what professional athletes have to do whenever there’s a call against them. No one has ever actually been guilty of a foul or rules infraction of any kind. So you must maintain your innocence at all costs. Even in the face of clear evidence that you did that thing. And that’s exactly what Steph does here on what seems like a pretty unimportant call at a very unimportant moment in a game.

Maybe that’s why he only got called for two personal fouls the entire game. Or it turned into the Warriors 31-24 free throw advantage. I guess sometimes you have to yell about something that doesn’t matter so you don’t have to yell about something that does. You can’t argue with the results.

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