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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 25

[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 25

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Episode 25.

“adaeze and Isabella are fighting outside because of you “.he pronounced still laughing hard.
“what!!!,Isabella!,fighting with adaeze?”.i exclaimed with shock.
“oh sorry adaeze and anabel I mean to say not Isabella “.he exclaimed with an apologetic look and my heart beat reduce a little.(lolz I got you guys on this).
“thankGod”.i exclaimed.
“what are you thanking God for?, shey the adaeze and Anabel are not human beings? “.he said with a funny grin.
“they are,but Isabella is too classic to be fighting joor”i elucidated with a frown.
“the thunder that will fire you is going to be like a doctor prescription,2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening. See your mouth “Isabella is too classic to be fighting “.he enunciated trying to mimirk my voice.
“let’s go out and watch live wrestling joor”he added and I followed him steadily from behind.
Just like Vincent said,the fight outside can be best describe as clash of war,adaeze sat down on Anabel landing punches over punches on Anabel face and majority of the people were hailing them while a few were trying to separate which was up to know avail. I stood transfixed at a spot oblivious of what to do as Vincent stood abrutedly laughing his ass out as if they were never his friends.
“this boy is just naturally blessed with wickedness”.i thought in my mind viewing anabel from the ground who was trying to stand up but all her effort prove abortive,i must accolade adaeze for her strength cos she is really doing a good job in tarnishing her Anabel beautiful face. I wanted to move toward them in other to separate them when my mum words ring in my ear and I quietly withdraw back watching the Fight with a dissapointed expression.just then, the principal was seen approaching the scene from his office along with the disciplinary teacher and student’s started withdrawing slowly from the scene.they succeeded in separating them and they took them to the principal office while we quietly exit the scene in pairs heading straight to our class.
I sight isabella seating comfortably in the class munching on a biscuit slowly with an expression which I could easily deduced that she care less about the fight. Her presence kinda prevent Vincent from disturbing my head and I kinda like it that way cos I was not Really in a good mood for his prank. The urge to converse with Isabella was so great on me but how could i when she did not make a move or seem to care about I seating close to her?. She seems like someone that was thinking about something which I dare not interrupt. I still cant believe I touched her soft hand twice and she actually smile for me That day, it seem Like a Dream to me as I find myself smiling sheepishly while staring at her hands which she is taking to her mouth at interval.
“wisdom wealth,the principal summon for your presence now in his office”i heard from at the front and I quickly take a quick glance to the direction and I saw an ss3 boy calling for me which I reciprocated matching majestically out of the class with my New pair of shoe.
I enter the principal office with many thought ravaging my mind.anabel and adaeze focus their gaze on the tiled floor and I could fathom they were ashamed of themselves.he motioned to anabel and adaeze to go out and await his call which they did and he smiled which kinda reduce the tension overing in my mind.
“seat down boy “.he commanded amidst smile which I did slowly seating opposite him in the table.
“I can see you are really a conqueror,you don’t just conquer books alone,you are also adding my female students to your list “he retorted with a bright Smile in his lips which kept on assuring me that all his well.
“do you know those girls?”he asked .
“yea,yes sir! “I retorted with fear visibly seen in my reactions.
“be free with me,am not gonna punish tell me, who are they to you?”.
“my casual friends sir “I replied with confidence.
“I am sure you are aware that they like you,and they actually fought because of you “he said and I nodded in affirmative.
“what do you have to say about that? “He asked.
“to be sincere sir, I don’t like them. Am still a new students in this school and my major objective now is my book and not a relationship”.i explained and he exhale staring at me with a pen in his hand.
“I understand,but you don’t have to blame them. I Thankgod my daughter is not in this school,otherwise I would have force you on her without your approval. We believe in love here in prestigious kings academy even though the students don’t know about it and that is why I sent them out to talk to you. We have never been against love unlike other schools,because we understand the pains of love “.he explained and I listened with rapt attention. He later called for adaeze and anabel and they came into the office, I stare at them with pity as their beautiful uniform turned to a mess and bruises could be visibly seen in their body.
“Anabel chukwu and adaeze Martin’s”he called along with their surnames and they looked up slowly.
“you both no fighting is a grieve offence in this school right? “he added and they both nodded in affirmative.
“I won’t punish you both because I know the effectiveness of love and what he could cause,i will let wisdom speak to you both concerning what we discussed here”he concluded resting his back on the chair.
“Anabel and adeaze I know you both love me,but I am sorry I can’t return your feelings,how I wish I can do it.please try and forget about all this and let’s continue our friendship like we use to be”i explained and tears started steaming down adeaze eyes.
“I am sorry anabel, I acted out of weakness please forgive me”she said apologizing to Anabel and she quickly put her in a tight hug and they both cry in their shoulder.
“I am sorry too adeaze”anabel retorted. The hug lasted for up to 2 minutes and they finally disengaged. I walked close to them shaking their hands at the same time with a bright smile on my face which they reciprocated smiling cheerfully.
“friends for life”i elucidated.
“friends for life “they replied and we hug ourself in a trio.
“am I the only left out here,someone should hug me please “the principal retorted and we quickly disengaged rushing toward him in a Swift hug.
“that is my students “he said and we dissegaged the hug with a bright Smile on our face.
“thank you sir “anabel said amidst smile.
“that is nothing,make sure you remain friends and never must You fight again,now you can go home and get yourself treated “he added and they both thanked him with a bright smile and they walked out of the office smiling and discussing like nothing happened.
“that is so cool boy,keep it up”the principal accolade me and I smiled.
The school for that day ended swiftly with Less scenes to talk about,i and Isabella never exchanged a word to eachother till that day ended. I could not place my hand on why she will be good at times,making me to enjoy my day only to twist reaction just like a chameleon changes skin but who will I ask?. I and Vincent walked Home again that day as usual talking and playing on the way and I find out from him the reason why adaeze and anabel were fighting. Adaeze slapped Anabel Just because she shouted on her to stop disturbing Her with her soliloquy and tears,informing her that she is not the only person that is love me and that’s she do love me too.that was just the simple reason they started fighting,well I don’t blame her though,love always have a way of driving people to act without thinking.
I got home that day and I saw the door open down which literary meant that my mom is around,i could hear the sound of an axe cutting fire wood at the back of the house and I knew without a doubt that it is my mum doing. I quickly tiptoed into the house and I took the money which the principal and the teacher gave to me then I unloosed my bag and shoe and I placed them with the money at the entrance of the house were my mum can easily see them then I ran inside. Few minute’s later,i was pulling off my cloth when I heard an exclamation outside and I know without doubt that my plan work successfully.
“jesus!! “I heard my mum shouted from outside.
“wisdom!!!!”.she shouted again and I quickly ran to meet her smiling cheerfully.
“efefe mma”i greeted in my local dialect which she never responded as her gaze where fully on the shoes and bag which my name are embounded on as the owner.
“where did you get this shoes and bag from”she asked with a serious countenance.
“someone bought them for me mum”.i replied.
“someone bought them for you and you accepted them?,have I not warn you countless times that this World is dangerous?.”she asked and I became mute.
“by the way who is the person? “.she ask again not giving me a breathing space to answer her first ones,not that I know the answers anyway.
“her name is Isabella,isabella okenwa”i replied.
“what!!”she exclaimed shocking me again and I became frighten.
“you mean Isabella,the only daughter of chief okenwa nkemija?”she asked again and I nodded in affirmative.
“you have to stay away from that Girl and the Family at large “she retorted in fury,i was extremely scared cos I have never seen my mum to be that Angry before.
“but why mum?”I summon courage to ask.
“because I said so,and that is what you will do”she replied harshly,leaving me in the dark while she headed straight to the room.
“what is happening?,is it that my mum have a past with the family or she knows what I don’t know?,why this sudden hatred for Isabella?”.i ask rhetorically standing transfixed at a spot.
To be continued………

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