Katie Price slammed by road campaigners for driving

British media personality and model, Katie Price has been called out by road campaigners, for driving her £60k 3-tonne monster motor wearing slip-on backless shoes, just days after getting her licence back.


Price who had been banned from driving following a booze and cocaine-fuelled car crash, took to the wheel of the left-hand drive Hummer in a pair of green sliders. She was spotted in the 15-foot long, 7ft wide American car, which has enormous tyres, near her “Mucky Mansion” home on Sunday afternoon.


Katie Price slammed by road campaigners for driving


Commenting on the development, John Scruby, from the Campaign Against Drink Driving said; 


“Those are the sort of shoes you’d expect somewhere to wear at a swimming pool – not driving a huge car like that with her driving record.

“It’s an absolute disgrace and is very dangerous. She’s putting herself and other road users at risk.

“I don’t see how you’d safely be able to control such a car while wearing those shoes. This is outrageous. “It’s disturbing. It takes the mick.

“She has shown absolutely no responsibility. She has played the system throughout – it’s terrible. Price should have been jailed over the drink-drive crash.  She has a truly shocking driving record and doesn’t seem to care. It’s totally disrespectful.

“She hasn’t driven for a considerable period of time and to be wearing such flimsy footwear shows a total disregard for anyone else.” 

Former Met cop Peter Bleksley added; 

“This is shocking. It sets a terrible example. There was clearly an argument she should have been jailed. The footwear is completely inappropriate. She wouldn’t have been used to driving for a very long time. It’s simply wrong.

“This is a two-finger insult. It’s a kick in the teeth to people who have been injured in crashes or the families of those killed because of bad driving. She’s very lucky not to be in jail – yet is swanning around like that. It’s reckless behaviour. She’s not learned her lesson.”

Team Japan came out on top in the World Baseball Classic after one of the more entertaining championship games that we have seen in recent memory, solidifying themselves as the top baseball nation in the world. For Lars Nootbar, his participation with the team has brought him to new levels of fame.

The 25-year-old St. Louis Cardinals outfielder has never represented the country of Japan before. In fact, he doesn’t even speak Japanese. Nootbar was born in Southern California, and while his father is white and of Dutch, English, and German descent, his mother is full-blooded Japanese.

Lars Nootbar Re-Enters Cardinals Camp With New Level Of Fame

His only experience with Japanese baseball before the 2023 WBC was back in 2006, when a youth team from Japan was touring the US, and Nootbar served as a bat boy for some of the games. He interacted with the team, later saying that the experience was instrumental in him accepting the invitation to represent the nation in this year’s event. It was something that he said he always wanted to do to honor his mother and make her proud.

Due to Japans success in the tournament, as well as his teammates’ affection for him and his celebrations and pep talks, Lars Nootbar and his popularity have soared to the top of the baseball world.

Nootbar Goes From 59k Followers To 914k On Instagram

It can be seen in his Instagram following. Before the WBC began, Nootbar had 59,000 followers on his account. As it stands today, just two days after the conclusion of the event and Japan’s championship heard around the world, he is approaching a million. The count was at 914,000 and counting at the time of writing.

Nootbar will return to Cardinals training camp with a new level of fame. His entrance on Thursday was met with boisterous cheers from the crowd as he walked onto the field, something he wasn’t used to at all just two weeks ago when spring training began.

Lars Nootbar is listed as the starting right fielder for the Cardinals heading into the MLB season. He played in 108 games in 2022, taking 290 at bats. He had a .228 average while hitting 14 home runs and 40 RBIs.

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