Thursday , February 2 2023

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Should Africa-based label services and distribution companies adapt their model?

EXPLAINER: Are distros and label services companies really the end of record labels in Nigeria?

In 2021, this writer penned a long form piece about the evolution and dominance of label services companies and distribution companies in Africa. He also likened their synergy with digital streaming platforms to the era of playlisting and distribution at Alaba International Market, Lagos. For around three years preceding 2021, …

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Gorilla addicted to smartphones is having his screen time cut so he can spend more time with his fellow gorillas and learn to adapt

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A gorilla named Amare is having his screen time cut after he became so addicted to staring at a phone screen that he didn’t notice when another gorilla charged him.   Amare, a resident at Chicago’s Lincoln Park zoo, became addicted due to zoo-goers showing him countless pictures and videos through …

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