Written by Hope Matthew and directed by Dotun Ololade and Sylvester Ahonsi ‘Stupid Finder’ centres on brotherhood and new path discovery.

The short film is a relevant and timely piece on how Nigerian not-haves survive, the chances of carving a path out of life.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the film, co-director, Dotun Ololade, stated;

“What we did with Stupid Finder is simple; we used storytelling to engage the Nigerian communities on compex social issues, in a way that is relatable and make sense of the issues we are addressing.

“It is an incredible honour to be part of this production and I am so humbled by the opportunity to direct this amazing project and work with the cast and crew.”

The short film features amazing acts and Alumnis of the EbonyLife Creative Academy including Ezekiel Abayomi, Akorede Ajayi, Ayodeji Adejumo and Joy Chioma Obilo.

Produced by Eric Nwanso, Lawrence Iweriebor, Imoh Eboh and Stephanie Ugbeye, ‘Stupid Finder’ takes it cue from the happenings around various rural communities and areas in Lagos, Nigeria.

One of its Producers, Eric Nwanso, shared;

“As storytellers from Nigeria who have always tried to show the lives and challenges of the lower social class, Stupid Finder puts a unique narrative around the nature of truth in their world. As Leonard Cohen put it, ‘there are cracks in everything — that’s how the light gets in.”

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