Woman confronted and almost

A video of a woman preacher being confronted by a market leader for dressing like a Muslim but also saying things associated with Yoruba deity, Obatala has made the rounds on social media. 


In the video, one of the market leaders accosted the preaching lady and asked her to disclose who she was because she was preaching as a Muslim and at the same time mentioning ‘’Obatala” a Yoruba deity.


 The market leader became angry at the lady after she failed to give a convincing answer about who she was. One of the market men pulled the veil she used to cover her face. The market leader went on to ask the Muslims in the market if it is allowed for one to be preaching Islam and at the same time mention Obatala.


When the preaching lady failed to give a convincing response, she dragged her by her cloth and said they were heading to meet those who worship Obatala so they can tell her if it is allowed to mix both religions, 


Watch the video below




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