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EXCLUSIVE: Linda Ejiofor & Ibrahim Suleiman discuss their private engagement, love languages, Valentine traditions

Exclusive: Linda Ejiofor & Ibrahim Suleiman on their private engagement, love languages and Valentine’s day traditions

Even before the bright studio lights came on and cameras started rolling, you could tell that this was a couple at ease with each other; and the touches, pats, and gentle hand rubs that punctuated our conversation with them tell of a camaraderie that only time and genuine fondness could …

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Floyd Mayweather reveals that he was paid ‘$1million’ just to get on the phone to discuss a fight with British-Nigerian YouTuber Deji Olatunji

Floyd Mayweather has revealed that he was paid a whopping $1million just to begin discussions over his fight with British-Nigerian YouTuber Deji Olatunji next month.   The pair held a press conference in Las Vegas on Thursday ahead of their scheduled bout on November 13 in Dubai.   When asked about how the fight came …

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