Dan La Batard took to the air on Tuesday and took aim at Endeavor’s purchase of WWE and the impending UFC-WWE merger. He claimed that now we know why Endeavor never commented on the video of Dana White hitting his wife. It was because the company was about to get in bed with the equally horrible Vince McMahon.

Le Batard opened the segment saying that he tries not to judge public figures, but in this case he makes an exception. His quote, “Vince McMahon, truly horrible.”

Here’s the clip:

He’s right. White and McMahon have faced zero meaningful consequences for their actions. McMahon made $19.6 million in payments to settle sexual misconduct claims between 2006 and 2022. Then settled another case for an undisclosed amount in January. Apparently these are guys Endeavor is completely comfortable being in business with.

Lest you thought McMahon would remain retired, he was reportedly intimately involved with creative decisions at Monday night’s RAW episode after WrestleMania 39. So, yeah, great move by Endeavor to reward a truly terrible person.

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