Nigerian Police Force Spokesman Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has reacted after he was called out by Twitter users when he took to the platform to condemn singer Portable for his actions. 

Recall that Portable was filmed challenging police officers who tried to arrest him. 

The police image maker went on Twitter to say that Portable’s conduct was “unruly” and is “punishable under the law”. 

But some Twitter users were not having it and they slammed CSP Adejobi for condemning Portable after downplaying the threat made by Musliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, to Igbos in Lagos ahead of the governorship elections in the state. 

MC Oluomo had warned those who don’t intend to vote for the APC to remain at home and the video caused outrage. 

Adejobi, during an interview with Channels TV on the eve of the governorship elections, asked Nigerians to take MC Oluomo’s threat as a joke. 

Adejobi said at the time: “This person involved, MC Oluomo himself, I saw a video he did with one Igbo woman whose name was mentioned in the video of the threat, that it is not true. That he was making a joke with one particular woman and the woman came up to say it is not true. They are just throwing banters. It is a joke. 

“So let us take it like joke, like he has said. He has come out to debunk that it is not true. Let us leave it that way that it is not true. It is a joke between two persons in that area at that particular point in time.” 

However, many were attacked and prevented from voting during the governorship election. 

When Adejobi returned to Twitter to condemn Portable after staying silent following the attacks on voters in Lagos during the governorship election, Twitter users called him out. 

One Twitter user told him: “Should we remind you of MC Oluomo?” 


Adejobi replied: “I have no business with MC Oluomo. I don’t work in lagos command. You are just overwhelmed with ur illusions and psychological projections, which won’t allow you to be objective. So you can go for Oluomo if you need him. 


“The CP of Lagos Command is available to attend to you, with your complaints, not the Force Headquarters. I have said it severally that those who alleged me of defending Oluomo on channels TV need to revisit their various schools, if they attended at all, to retake GNS or GES 101 bc its obvious they can’t understand a simple sentence in English, and its quite unfortunate. It’s well with Nigeria.” 


Twitter users hit back at Adejobi’s explanation by asking why he decided to interfere in Portable’s case since it is not in his jurisdiction as he said MC Oluomo is not in his jurisdiction. 

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