Game Of Thrones star, Thor Bjornsson reveals his wife Kelsey Henson has had a late foetal loss after their daughter Grace was delivered at 21 weeks

Game Of Thrones star, Thor Bjornsson has revealed his wife Kelsey Henson has had a late foetal loss. 



The actor, best known for his role as ‘The Mountain’ in the HBO series, shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram. 



He said Grace Morgan Hafthorsdottir was delivered at 21 and a half weeks.



Posting a snap of their daughter’s footprints, Thor captioned the post: ‘It is with great sorrow that we announce the birth of our daughter, Grace Morgan Hafthorsdottir born Nov 8th at 21 1/2 weeks gestation. 

Game Of Thrones star, Thor Bjornsson reveals his wife Kelsey Henson has had a late foetal loss after their daughter Grace was delivered at 21 weeks


‘After a noticeable decrease in movement we found out her heart had stopped beating. 



‘Words cannot describe our pain of this loss or our happiness at being able to spend time with our daughter. 


Game Of Thrones star, Thor Bjornsson reveals his wife Kelsey Henson has had a late foetal loss after their daughter Grace was delivered at 21 weeks

She is absolutely beautiful, with blonde lashes and brows and a little smile for mom and dad. 



‘The love we feel for her is overwhelming. The grief we feel will be with us forever but so will the love. All of our hopes and dreams for her have been taken away from us but I know I will be with her again. 



‘Her spirit lives on through us and her siblings. We ask that you respect our privacy at this time as we grieve this unbearable loss. Thank you all for any kind words and support.’

Game Of Thrones star, Thor Bjornsson reveals his wife Kelsey Henson has had a late foetal loss after their daughter Grace was delivered at 21 weeks


Thor and Kelsey already share son Stormer, three, and it comes just weeks after they announced they were expecting their second child.


Björnsson and Henson married in October 2018 in the actor’s home country of Iceland.


Nigerian sprinter Nzubechi Grace Nwokocha banned for doping

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) on Friday, October 27, announced that Nigerian sprinter, Nzubechi Grace Nwokocha has been banned for three years for doping.


The Nigerian sprinter who won gold in the 4x100m relay at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, tested positive for Ostarine and Ligandrol, two anabolic agents, in a sample collected on 3 August 2022.


Nwokocha has admitted to the doping violation and has accepted the sanction of a three-year ban. She also been stripped of her gold medal from the Commonwealth Games.


The statement read; 


“The AIU, the Athlete and the World Anti-Doping Agency (“the Parties”) subsequently entered into a Case Resolution Agreement in accordance with Rule 10.8.2 ADR pursuant to which the Athlete acknowledges that she has been found to have committed ADRVs under Rule 2.1 and Rule 2.2 of the CGF ADR (and the ADR) by virtue of the CGF Decision, which is final and binding upon her;

“The Athlete agrees to be sanctioned with a period of Ineligibility of three (3) years; the Parties agree that taking into consideration the criteria in Rule 10.8.2 of the ADR, the period of Ineligibility shall commence on the date of Sample collection, i.e., 3 August 2022. Therefore, the period of Ineligibility shall be in effect until, and including, 2 August 2025; and in accordance with Rule 10.10 of the ADR (and to the extent that any results are not already disqualified by operation of the CGF Decision), the Athlete’s competitive results from 3 August 2022 until the date of the Provisional Suspension imposed by the AIU viz. 2 September 2022 are Disqualified with all resulting consequences, including forfeiture of any medals, points and prize money/prizes.”

Grace and Elegance personified- Yul Edochie celebrates second wife Judy Austin as he shares video from her maternity photoshoot

Yul Edochie this morning shared a video of his second wife, Judy Austin, during her maternity photo shoot.


 The actor could be heard singing along to the love song being played while her photos were taken.


 Their son was also filmed with Judy.


Yul posted the video on Instagram with the caption;


Judy Austin.

Grace and Elegance personified.

Happy Soul.”

Watch the video below…



A Nigerian man, Eyo Okon Edet, revealed that he has courted his fiancée, Blessing Donatus Brown, for five years and has never touched her because ‘God kept his heart from lustful desires.’


The couple is set to wed on May 20, 2023, in Calabar, Cross River State. 


“I want you guys to celebrate with me, today is TM in Akwa Ibom State. I have courted my fiancee for five(5) years now and God has been faithful with us by keeping us holy and sanctified through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ! By the grace of God I have never touched her hands and He has kept my heart intact from any lustful desire while we were courting. I have experienced the power of God that set a man free. What God cannot do, does not exist, He alone can set a man free from the power of sin,” he wrote. 






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Liberal Fox News commentator Jessica Tarlov had an unexpected take on the group of illegal immigrants who have refused to relocate to a ‘mega-shelter’ after being housed in free luxury New York City hotel rooms.

The Political Insider reported on the situation earlier this week, noting the illegal immigrants were initially placed at the Watson, a $300-per-night Hells Kitchen hotel in Midtown Manhattan, but were scheduled to be transferred to a shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Joined by left-wing activists, some refused to leave while others did so and returned because the shelter allegedly had “a lack of heat and bathroom space.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams refuted the claim and insisted the shelter provides the migrants “with shelter, food, health care, education, and a host of other services.”

Panelists on “The Five” analyzed the situation, playing a clip of one illegal immigrant griping that the shelter was “very ugly” and that the “beds are horrible.”

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Illegal Immigrants Demand to Be Allowed to Stay in Hotel

Jessica Tarlov, the resident liberal on Fox News’ “The Five,” was livid over the illegal immigrants’ demands to stay in the hotel and refusal to follow the process as lined out for them.

“It’s embarrassing,” she fumed, noting it’s especially so “for people like me that say, ‘I live in a sanctuary city, I think we should live up to that promise.’”

“No one who got off that boat said, ‘Inside is worse than outside,’ right? Or, ‘Food is worse than no food,’” she continued. “Those are your options.”

“You legally do not belong here, at least at this point,” Tarlov added.

“But at this particular moment, you’re here by the grace of our generosity and to act like that is terrible.”

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Tarlov Suggests They Should Be Deported

Reporting by The Political Insider in October indicated shelters set up for illegal immigrants being bussed into New York City provided television sets, Xbox gaming consoles, and “culturally appropriate” meals.

I highly doubt the ‘sanctuary city’ suddenly decided they weren’t going to provide heat in a place described by the New York Post as a “mega-shelter.”

One illegal immigrant told the newspaper that the real reason they wanted to stay in the hotel was because it “had so many services they have just 1675339678 taken away.”

Newsflash: You’re not entitled to those services, paying guests are.

“The Five” co-host Dana Perino surmised that the refusal to head to the shelter was grounds for deportation, something Tarlov actually agreed with.

“One thing we should change is that if you refuse to move to one of these shelters that is being provided to you, that’s an automatic, outta here,” Perino said.

“Yeah,” Tarlov concurred.

Perino added, “Deport. You’re done.”

Another co-host of the Fox News program, Greg Gutfeld, suggested that those turning up their nose to free services provided by the city casts doubt over their claims of hardship.

“I think once you see migrants turning down free, good stuff given to them under the assumption that they would be grateful after much suffering and hardship,” he said.

“I’m beginning to think that their hardship was greatly exaggerated.”

They’re entitled. They’ve been told by open border Democrats that they can walk into the country at any time and be provided transportation to where they want to go, jobs, free phones, and now, a paid stay at an upscale hotel.

Why would they want to leave behind what they’ve been told they deserve and go to a shelter instead?

Now is the time to support and share the sources you trust.
The Political Insider ranks #3 on Feedspot’s “100 Best Political Blogs and Websites.”

Grace Makun, wife of popular stylist, Yomi Makun popularly known as Yomi Casual, has reacted to claim of her husband being gay. 

In an Instagram post she shared, Grace told those sending her “‘DMs concerning the very disrespectful assumption and the indirect rumours” to stop. 

Grace stated that while the Western fashion world is engulfed with such traits, it is not enough “to tag him what he is not even planning to become or be in another world”. She added that it is not a crime for a guy to look good, represent his brand and pay quality attention to himself.

I want to address those of you tagging and sending me DMs concerning a very disrespectful assumption and the indirect rumours, orchestrated against my husband’s personality and my Household to PLEASE STOP.

Even if most of you enjoy seeing others go down, i think it is too early in the year to subscribe to all these ‘super stories’ designed to work on your minds,and create unnecessary trends and engagement.
With the permission of my husband, I am daring the so-called blogger and anyone of you who insinuate to know too much to bring out proofs that confirm Yomi “gay” as speculated without fact by your devilish camps within 24 hours.

We all know that the Western fashion world is engulfed with such traits and it’s stigmatizing but it is not enough to tag him what he is not even planning to become or be in another world. It is also not a crime for a guy to look good , represent his brand and pay quality attention to himself. It shouldn’t be translated to being gay simply because the majority of men out there pay less attention to their looks and suddenly his appearance and amiable characteristics represents name callings ? STOP WITH THE DEFAMATION ALREADY .

Having said that, our family is intact without any form of chaos or a single reason for my husband and i to drag ourselves anywhere over a NON EXISTING issue. STOP tagging me & go ask your favourite blogger to save you all the stress and suspense by unleashing his or her show of shame within 24 hours or die for making you all waste your hard earn money on data for no reason .
More so, to those of you who love gossip, you can continue to spread your drama and lies as fans of negativity until being a victim of it would lead you into knowing how much it hurts and destroy people’s peace and joy .

Beyond all the lies, we shall continue to be guided on the path of truth, love, and respect for each other. Any blogger or individual who would not stop spreading fabricated and hurtful news about this man i have known in the last 5 years of marriage and for 13 years of friendship.

I pray for calamity to come upon them all one by one in JESUS NAME. AMEN

Grace Makun has revealed what someone said about her husband, fashion designer, Yomi Casual, when they began dating


The couple got married in October 2017, after seven years of dating and have two children together. 


Taking to Instagram on Sunday, January 8, the jewelry store owner, said that same people who talked about her husband being ugly and poor in 2010 are now calling her a gold digger. 




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