We?ll permanently delete digital lenders harassing debtors from Google playstore - FCCPC

The federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has warned that they would reach out to Google to permanently delete digital money lending apps harassing and slandering customers from its Play Store.


The announcement was made by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FCCPC, Babatunde Irukera, during an interview on Arise TV on Tuesday, July 11. 


Irukera stated that while these digital lenders are welcome to do business in the country, those that harass their consumers will be dealt with promptly.


He said; 


“Our concern is if these lenders we’ve approved are still doing it (harassing customers), even if they do it just for once, we will permanently delete them from the Google Play Store. As we discover them, we go after them.

“There are things they can do wrong where they will be given a second chance but with respect to harassing consumers or defamatory messages, there will not be a second chance.”


Also sharing his thoughts on debt recovery, Irukera added; 


“Most of the people who are failing to pay back these loans are chronic borrowers. So, if you have a problem of paying back your obligation, you should not have the opportunity to borrow again.

“But people who truly have a problem and have failed to make a payment or do not fail to make a payment should not be subjected to the inconvenience, the aggravation and frustration that accompanies these defamatory messages.”


Comedians, skit-makers, and meme gods on social media have been the rave of the moment for a while.

Like us, you probably can’t get enough of the Macaronis, Broda Shaggys, Sidney Talkers, Taoomas, and others like them. We love what they do, and our love and acceptance feed into their popularity, which in turn makes them marketable enough for brands to propose lucrative marketing and influencing gigs to them. That, in the simplest form, is the cycle of things these days. And there’s nothing wrong with all that.

Things become crazy, however, when nothing is off-limit in creating viral moments, or in a bid to break into the rank of famous content creators with the biggest followings and audience engagement. This is where the recent rise of annoying prank content creators comes to the fore.

You may have seen videos of certain ‘content creators’ whose entire shtick is to pull the stupidest most abhorrent, most infuriating tricks on people – mostly women – going about their day. If they are not pulling wigs off unsuspecting women, they are harassing them with questions like “How much for hook-up?”

Then there’s this one where a supposed ‘content creator’ scares the living daylight out of a woman with a ‘kidnap’ prank that went too far. Actually, knowing the situation of things in Nigeria today, that wouldn’t be the basis for any prank if these so-called content creators had any working mind.

And one has to ask: where the hell do we draw the line between what is acceptable as ‘content’ and what should absolutely shouldn’t be created, talk less of?

Now before anyone accuses this writer of having no funny bone in his body, it must be clarified that there is nothing wrong with making jokes or even creating elaborate, hilarious pranks.

We’ve all seen videos that are made in good taste and elicit proper, belly-rumbling laughter. Those differ from the ones we’re talking about here because they were not meant to humiliate or embarrass anyone and would even draw laughter from the people being pranked. Now that’s content. The audience knows it and appreciates it, and when that line is crossed, like these awful guys often do, it is visible as well.

Unduly playing up the misery of others isn’t great content. It’s never been, and it’ll never be.

Obviously, because these skit makers consider them less likely to attack them in annoyance, or retaliate with force.

Say what you will, but it’s pretty much a thing of predator and prey. You don’t find a deer trying to feed on a jaguar. The chances of getting smacked are lower with women. It’s as simple as that.

The audience clearly has a role to play here. For example, things have gotten to a stage in the comedy industry where society is collectively telling them to stamp out rape jokes and that’s been significantly phased out.

Sure, rape jokes and awful prank content on IG are not on the same scale of terrible content ideas, but you get the idea. Once the audience starts to collectively feel repulsed by awful content like what these guys are putting out, it’ll only be a matter of time before we stop seeing them.

The fact that content aggregator pages on social media sometimes repost these things with the intent to amuse people doesn’t help either. Again, wherever we find content on harassment, particularly of women, we need to make our feelings known.

We do not want a society that normalises the harassment of women for giggles and if these ‘content creators’ feel the love from the audience, they feel more emboldened and empowered to do more.

You also have to ask yourself what kind of person you are to find the unwarranted removal of a woman’s wig amusing; or worse, if you double-click a video where a moron is harassing a woman for paid sex in front of her house.

This particular incident borders on felony and cultism - Lagos police spokesperson reacts to video of police officers harassing a young man in Ojo

Lagos police spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin has reacted to a video of police officers harassing a young man in Ojo. 


The Lagos police spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin disclosed that the incident happened in Ishashi area of the state, which he said is a hotbed for cultists. 


Hundeyin who noted that the incident bordered on felony and cultism also said that after police officers searched the young men and found hard drugs on them, it called for closer investigation as cultists take hard drugs.


Hundeyin described the video of the young man being harassed by police officers and stopped from making a phone call as “malicious”.


Justifying why the young man was stopped from making a call, Hundeyin said the police officers were only trying to stop the destruction of evidence as the young man could have alerted his “gang members”. He also accused the young man of resisting arrest.


Hundeyin said in a statement; 


Your narrative is wrong and misleading. It is a fact that Ishashi is one of the hotbeds of cultism in Lagos State. It is equally a known fact that these cultists engage in heavy drug abuse. So doing a random search of three young men moving together and finding hard drugs of them would definitely call for a closer look. 

“Yes, he was being prevented from making a call. No one attempted to collect his phone. This is not the norm in all cases. This particular case borders on a felony, cultism. Freshly arrested suspects in cases as sensitive as cultism will not be allowed to make calls IMMEDIATELY so that they don’t alert their gang members to destroy evidence and bolt. Calls can later be made after the initial documentation and in the presence of the IPO. 

“This was a clear case of resisting arrest, and nothing about phone. Resorting to theatrics and false accusations along sensitive issues of phone searching will not deter @LagosPoliceNG from carrying out its mandate. Doing malicious video recordings will equally not cow the police into docility.”


Watch the video here


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