This year’s draft is shaping up to be rather unpredictable as anywhere from two to four quarterbacks have a shot to go No. 1 overall and nobody has any real idea how the middle of the first round will shake out. There does seem to be something resembling a general consensus, however, on what quarterbacks will be taken in the first round– Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Will Levis. What order they will go in remains up in the air but it would be a shock to see any of those four slip out of the first and even more so for another name to join them.

If Max Kellerman were a general manager, he would be the one adding that fifth name. He told Jay Williams and Keyshawn Johnson that if he held the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft he would select not Young, or Stroud, or Richardson, but Hendon Hooker, the 26-year-old sixth-year Tennessee QB who tore his ACL in November.

Despite his age and very recent injury issues, Hooker has a lot of fans after his stellar final year at Tennessee in which he threw 27 TDs and only two interceptions in nine wins, including one epic battle with Alabama. He showed some good stuff. But you do not take an older prospect with one year’s worth of good tape with the first overall pick in the draft. The chances of a prospect with those particular set of circumstances developing into a superstar are astronomically low, and aiming for a superstar is the entire point of the No. 1 overall pick.

It goes to show how far Hooker has come within draft circles that Kellerman wasn’t laughed out of the room by his two coworkers when saying this. But we will not see a QB who tore his ACL five months ago get picked in the top-five. He may not even go in the first round. But Kellerman wanted Iguodala and he wants Hooker!

Hendon Hooker will be one of the more interesting prospects heading into the 2023 NFL Draft, and odds have been released regarding which team is most likely to pick him.

Hooker was one of the better quarterbacks in the nation last season, finishing 5th in voting for the Heisman Trophy after throwing for 3,000+ yards, 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions.

Hendon Hooker Should Be A Second-Round Draft Prospect

But a non-contact injury for Hooker late in the year turned out to be an ACL tear, effectively ending his season, and likely a good portion of his rookie year in the NFL as well.

Hooker’s recovery is expected to run well past his first training camp and will keep him out for at least some of his first year. That fact will likely bump him down to the late first round or early second, where he will be there for the taking for any interested parties.

It could be argued that Hooker will be joining a better situation than one of the quarterbacks taken near the top of the draft, and that is because he’ll be groomed under an already established starter, according to the oddsmakers.

3 Teams Most Likely To Draft Hooker

Minnesota Vikings (+800)

The Vikings obviously have a starting quarterback for at least the next season with Kirk Cousins, who is under contract for one more season. The team could look to add a young prospect to sit and learn behind Cousins for his last year with the team, and Hooker could be the perfect candidate.

Minnesota doesn’t own a second round pick this year, but could trade down from #23 if they choose to. Their second selection doesn’t come until the second round with the 87th overall.

Detroit Lions (+900)

The Lions have an out on Jared Goff’s contract this off-season, as they can save nearly $15 million by moving on from him this season. Would they bring in a veteran starter as a placeholder for someone line Hooker waiting in the wings? It doesn’t seem like a path that Detroit would take after the promise they’ve shown over the last couple of seasons, but Vegas thinks so.

Detroit has plenty of draft capital, including the 6th and 18th overall picks. Their second round selection falls at #48.


Seattle Seahawks (+900)

How long would the Seahawks plan on keeping Hendon Hooker waiting in the wings? They just made a big decision in re-signing Geno Smith to a three-year deal to be the team’s quarterback for the near future after his comeback performance in 2022. But is anyone truly sold on Smith being the quarterback of choice beyond 2023?

Perhaps that is where Hooker would come in. The Seattle sits in what looks like prime range to draft the injured QB, as they hold the 6th pick of the second round, on top of the 20th overall.

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