Footballer Gilberto Hernandez shot dead at age of 26 after gunmen opened fire in the�city�of�Colon in Panama

Panama international defender, Gilberto Hernandez has been shot dead at the age of 26.


The incident happened on Sunday, September 3, in the city of Colon after gunmen opened fire on a group of people who had gathered in a building in the city. Gilberto Hernández was among them.


Hernández died and seven others were injured in the attack.


The Panama Football League confirmed the news in a statement.


The Panama federation also issued a statement, saying it ‘regrets the sad passing of Gilberto Hernandez.

‘[We] extend condolences to his family and loved ones, as well as to the entire CAI and Panamanian football family.’


In a statement on Monday, the national police confirmed the “apprehension of a citizen suspected of the murder of a football player, which occurred on Sunday … in the province of Colón.”


Panama’s Colón province, with a population of about 300,000, recorded 102 homicides last year, nine fewer than the year before, according to government data. Authorities blame much of the violence on competing drug gangs.


Hernandez played for Panamanian team Independiente at the time of his death.

Angel Hernandez: bad umpire. We all know this. Ourselves and many other blog sites across the wide web take great pleasure in documenting just how bad he can get. We thought we’d seen it all. But last night was an especially poor performance for Hernandez, featuring one called ball that deserves consideration as one of the worst of Hernandez’s illustrious career.

Let’s set the scene. The Toronto Blue Jays were visiting the Colorado Rockies on the first day of September. The game mattered a lot to the Blue Jays, who are neck and neck with the Texas Rangers for the final AL Wild Card spot. It mattered a lot less to the Rockies, who are 20 games out of the playoff race. In short, there were stakes, even if they were not high.

According to the Umpire Scorecard Twitter account (a tremendous resource), Hernandez got only 88 percent of his calls right during the contest. Those that regularly look at these scorecards know that anything under 9- percent is absolutely horrendous. He was bad all night.

But this was the worst of the bunch. In the bottom of the fourth Nolan Jones was up for Colorado with a man on first and one out. Hyun-jin Ryu was pitching and got to a full count. The righty then threw a quality pitch to the upper-right hand corner of the zone. Hernandez called it a ball. It doesn’t sound terrible when describing it out loud but just look at it. Look at it!

Those TV batter boxes are not 100 percent accurate but that wasn’t even close. It was a strikeout.

I mean, come on.

Brutal. I have no idea how this guy is still employed. He’s been this bad forever and is only getting worse.

Tune in next week for the next post in this series because Hernandez isn’t going to suddenly start making good calls.

Angel Handandez was back behind the plate for Sunday’s San Francisco GiantsAtlanta Braves game. By the end of the second inning he had gotten the attention of the Internet and the announcers calling the game. Facing a 3-2 count in the bottom of the 2nd, Marcell Ozuna took a pitch that looked a lot like a ball only to get rung up by Hernandez as he started to head to first base.

On the NBC Sports Bay Area feed it was noted that Hernandez didn’t so much punch Ozuna out as “pull” him out with what looks like a new strike call where he reaches to the sky before making a definitive call. As you can see below, the first called strike of the at-bat was outside and the final pitch of the at-bat was very low.

Just goes to show you that you have to swing at anything close with Hernandez behind the plate. Unless he’s missing calls in the other direction, in which case never swing? It is truly an impossible task, which is why Hernandez has been named the worst umpire in MLB for two straight years.

UPDATE: Here’s a “strike” to Luis Matos a few innings later.

Angel Hernandez missed most of the 2023 MLB season due to a medical issue, but he’s back now and making up for lost time. On Sunday night he was behind the plate as the New York Yankees faced the Houston Astros and, my word, was he terrible. It’s just more evidence that Hernandez is the worst umpire in baseball history.

On Sunday, Hernandez missed an eye-popping 23 calls behind the plate. Watch some of them below:


That was his second game behind the plate this season. In the first, he was just as bad:

In that game he had nine missed calls, most at the bottom of the zone:

After those two games, Hernandez now has the worst correct call rate of all big league umpires.

No one should be surprised by this. Hernandez is so bad, MLB has admitted it publicly a number of times. Even in court filings! He topped our list of the 10 worst umpires in baseball and will again this season.

“Love & Hip Hop” alum Joseline Hernandez was on Thursday, August 3, handed two more felony charges following a brawl she was involved in. 


The backstage brawl took place at a Floyd Mayweather fight and she has to go through the booking process again at a Florida jail. 


Prosecutors are charging her with two felony counts of battery on a law enforcement officer. At the court sitting today, the Judge explained why she needed to be taken into custody again and booked on the new felony charges. 



A police body camera footage captured her violent, in a profanity-laced rage from start to finish and also shows her shoving cops. She was initially handed a felony charge of resisting officers with violence, plus a slew of misdemeanor charges and she previously went through the booking process for those charges.


The judge explained that two new felony charges being tacked on meant Joseline needed to be taken into custody and booked a second time, in part, to prevent her legal team from finding some potential legal loopholes.


She pleaded not guilty to all the charges against her and next week she’s due back in court.

Angel Hernandez is back umpiring MLB games after missing most of the season due to a medical issue. On Monday night the 61-year-old proved he was back and in his typical form, screwing up calls with the best of them.

Hernandez was the second base umpire as the Washington Nationals hosted the Milwaukee Brewers. In the bottom of the seventh inning, Nationals outfielder Alex Call appeared to be thrown out while trying to steal second base. Hernadez called him safe. The Brewers asked for the play to be reviewed, and for good reason — Call never even touched the base on his slide.

Check this out:

Any human with normal eyesight could have seen Call was out by a mile, but not Angel. No, not Angel. He’s working in his own world out there.

Here at The Big Lead, we’ve pointed out how awful Hernandez is at his job many, many times. But I think it’s worth noting again that Major League Baseball has actually said that. On multiple occasions! Yet, somehow, he still has a job.

It’s almost time for Major League Baseball to return, so you know what that means: repeated reminders that Angel Hernandez is the worst umpire the sport has to offer. But this year, Hernandez is branching out. Yes, he’s umping in the World Baseball Classic and he was in midseason form on Tuesday.

Hernandez drew the home plate assignment for Venezuela’s matchup with Nicaragua. Let’s just say his calls were… questionable. The Internet exploded in condemnation of some of his ridiculous work behind the plate.

Check some of these out:

Through two innings he had missed nine calls. Nine!

For the game, it was as bad as you’re expecting to see:

Even former major leaguer Todd Frazier chimed in:

We have no idea how Hernandez still has a job. Even MLB has admitted he’s awful, yet he’s still employed. Can’t wait for him to be back and ruining games again in 2023.

 Footballer Theo Hernandez targeted by?burglars with his wife and young son at home when the thieves broke in

AC Milan star, Theo Hernandez is the latest footballer to be targetted by thieves in Italy.


According to Italian outlet Repubblica, a gang of criminals broke into and burgled the home of the Rossoneri left-back while he was away at 9pm on Tuesday night, October 18, while his wife Zoe Cristofoli, and their son, a few months old, were present.


 Footballer Theo Hernandez targeted by?burglars with his wife and young son at home when the thieves broke in


The report said they were shaken up by the incident, but were not physically hurt.


The value of the stolen objects and cash is not yet known, it is likely the thieves targeted watches, jewels, and cash.


As reported by Goal, they made off with a ‘very substantial’ amount of goods, and Repubblica report the Milan police are now looking into the incident.

Former Man. United striker, Javier Hernandez offers to play free for the club to solve their striker crisis

Former Manchester United striker, Javier Hernandez has offered to play free for the club to solve their striker crisis.


Coach Erik ten Hag is currently expericing striker crisis with star player, Cristiano Ronaldo seeking an exit and Anthony Martial sidelined with a hamstring injury.


The Old Trafford chiefs are in the market for a striker this summer, but it seems 34-year-old Hernandez is ready to help the club.


Hernandez nicknamed Chicharito netted 59 goals in 157 appearances at Old Trafford and is now hoping to mount a title challenge with MLS side LA Galaxy this season.


Speaking to the Mirror, the Mexican forward assured fans that he would consider a move back to Man United, although he is currently very happy with life in Los Angeles.


‘If United came for me then I’d say “yes, I’ll play for free”. Of course, you know, I’d do that,’ he said.


‘But I also want to be very respectful to my club. I am playing very consistently and in my mind my conviction is all about winning a championship with LA Galaxy.’


‘In the future, if things happen then they happen – but in my mind I am 100 percent with LA.’


So far, Hernandez has been a key part of LA Galaxy’s playoff challenge, having scored nine goals in 21 appearances this season, with the MLS side currently sitting ninth in the league.

On Saturday afternoon, the Pittsburgh Pirates and their gigantic shortstop took on the Tampa Bay Rays in St. Petersburg. Angel Hernandez was part of the umpire crew, but was in the field this time around. He still managed to make a scene in the bottom of the third inning.

Brett Phillips was up to bat and smacked a grounder to second. He was thrown out without much trouble but hustled down the line and made it close enough for Hernandez to blow the call.

Not great! Fortunately, unlike when Hernandez is behind the plate, the Pirates had the ability to remedy the situation and challenged the call. Replay proved Phillips was out by a foot and change and the call was reversed.

In fairness, everybody blows a call like this sometimes. But benefit of the doubt is hard to come by when you’re the umpire under the biggest microscope in baseball like Hernandez is after the years he’s spent making bad calls. Pittsburgh escapes the consequences this time.

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