[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Mr BBB and I once held a party at which we made lychee cocktails – I’ve honestly never seen so many people so smashed all at once! They were just too delicious and even now, if there’s a cocktail on the menu with lychee (also a bit weak for melon) in it, I’ll take it straight away :-). There’s nothing so dangerous about The Body Shop’s new Luscious Lychee range – I’m instantly sold although for preference (if only they’d asked 😉 I would have preferred it even more lychee-ish.

The Body Shop Luscious Lychee Review

I like the fact that the shower product is a cream rather than a gel although I think I would more describe it as a gel-cream but it’s actually done a pretty good job at being the same colour as an actual lychee – a sort of pink opal kind of hue.

The Body Shop Luscious Lychee Review

The body butter is nicely whippy which is better for summer legs I think and gives off a juicy, fruity scent with a lychee accent. As ever, there is a Fair Trade element – aloe vera is sourced from Mexico supporting female farmers.

The Body Shop Luscious Lychee Review

The Luscious Lychee Body Scrub would be my top buy – it’s exactly the right side of scrubby with fine grains and as you work it around your body the fragrance rises and hits your senses so you get the full hit. Delicious! I’ve noticed that the fragrance isn’t instantly gone with this – it lingers a little and now and again you get another (diluted) waft. It’s a bit pricy at £18 HERE but if you’re a lychee lover, worth the treat. The shower cream starts at £7 HERE, and the thing I forgot to mention (Dora brain!) is that there is sheet type cooling lychee eye mask for £6 HERE. I haven’t tried them yet but the blurb says ‘-1C Cooling Effect’ and that sounds very cool! Might shove one on my chest! In fact, why isn’t there one for the whole hot body?

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