I never attended Bible school, the media ordained me as Pastor ? Actor, Majid Michel

Ghanaian movie star, Majid Michel has made a clarification on being addressed as a “Man of God” by many. 


Speaking in an interview on Hitz FM, the actor said he was described as a “Pastor” by the media after he began giving talks at different gatherings, churches, and conferences to disseminate the information he had uncovered about Christianity.


Majid said; 


“As I got older and learned the Bible for myself, I made the decision to teach it. In an effort to spread what I had learned, the media observed me speaking about these topics at various churches, conferences, and gatherings. It was the media that reported that I was a pastor despite never having attended a Bible school. I’ve never been anointed as a pastor.

“I chose to teach it once I grew up and discovered it for myself. In an effort to spread what I had learned, I spoke about these topics at a number of churches, conferences, and gatherings. The media reported that I was a pastor even though I had never attended a Bible school. I have never had a pastorate.

“It would be dishonest of me to minimize the gift of prophecy that God has given me. I have faith in the one true God, creator of heaven and earth. I have no doubt in my mind that Yesua was sent by God to save his people.”



Detailing the incident Majid Michel said “I used to take taxis, the trotro taxi type not the taxi that drops you. So when I sit in the taxi, I will take the money [from the gear area where drivers leave their coins] and then put it in my pocket”.

As for what happens after successfully stealing the money, he said “then when we reach the destination, I will pay him with his own money because I didn’t have money”.

This wouldn’t be the first time the actor has disclosed that at a point in life he was truant. Earlier this year, Majid revealed that he once engaged in drugs.

I used to go out to drink, go and booze, we go and smoke, get into fights on the streets. So I did some drugs; we tried something to see how it goes,” he told Fiifi Forson, the host of the Sunday show.

Speaking about how addiction to alcohol and drugs nearly wrecked, he advised that “friends are critical. If you are a young guy, be careful in choosing them because your friends are very critical in your life.”

Majid Michel over the past few years has been preaching the Gospel which came as a surprise to most of his followers. However, he notes that “I’ve always known God all my life. There was no turning point. Since I remember being aware in life, I have known God“.

The revelation, however, landed Majid in trouble with the Ghana Narcotics Control Board. During an interview in April on Okay FM, he said “I had an over 1-hour interview after said I had done drugs and that I didn’t see anything wrong it”.

“I said I see nothing wrong with it because it is a plant and God created the plant. So, I didn’t see anything wrong with weed. Abeiku Santana guess what happened? That’s why I think we shouldn’t joke with the laws in Ghana. On Monday morning at 8 AM, they picked me up from house for that statement.”

Majid said this while linking it to the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve which says the woman was is the second to be created by God.

I think the most attractive part of the woman is her brain. If Apple created this cell phone (iPhone) and they’re about to do the next one, the next one would definitely be more advanced than the previous one,” the ‘Crime To Christ’ actor said during an Angel FM interview.

He further explained that “God made the man first and made the woman second. So the women are definitely more sophisticated definitely more intelligent and definitely stronger than us. It intrigues me to find out about this woman. I love women above all things”.

Delving deeper into theology, he emphasized that “God said I’ll make you a help now…you see If I want to lift this table and I need help do I need someone weaker than me or stronger than me? Or I’m doing my homework, do I need someone less intelligent?”

No! So if God said I will give you a helpmate then it means He is giving you someone more intelligent who can help you get it. Women are more advanced,” he concluded. Do you agree with Majid? Drop your thoughts in our comment section.

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