The New York Giants took a 6-0 lead into halftime against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday Night Football in Week 6. It should have been more except the Giants completely bungled their final play of the first half. And coach Brian Daboll was absolutely furious with Tyrod Taylor as the Giants ran into the locker room after the Giants came away with zero points despite having 1st and goal at the 1 with 14 seconds left in the quarter.

The Giants had 1st and goal thanks to a Buffalo penalty. Tyrod Taylor, starting at quarterback because Daniel Jones is injured, appeared to audible to a run play. He handed the ball to Saquon Barkley, who got stuffed and the Giants didn’t get off another play before time expired. Brian Daboll was beside himself.

It’s like Daniel Jones was back.

Even if the Bills had let Barkley up, they only would have been able to get off one more play. They should have had multiple attempts to throw it into the end zone and score their first first half touchdown of the entire season. Instead, they failed to even kick a chip shot field goal that would have given them a possession lead. This is the kind of thing that just makes the Giants looked cursed.

Some of those making allegations against Naira Marley are using this opportunity to revive their careers or settle old scores with him - Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has opined that there is a possibility that some of those making allegations against Naira Marley are using this opportunity to revive their careers or settle old scores with him. 


He shared this in a post on his Instagram page while appealing to Nigerians to wait for the outcome of the investigations being carried out over Mohbad’s death. See his post below


Some of those making allegations against Naira Marley are using this opportunity to revive their careers or settle old scores with him - Reno Omokri

AXA Mansard Health and Airtel Nigeria Offer Nigerians Opportunity to Buy Health Insurance with Data Bundles

Getting Health Insurance is now as easy as just buying a data bundle on your phone. Nigeria’s leading Health AXA Insurance company, AXA Mansard Health and Airtel have partnered to make health insurance accessible, affordable and available anytime, anywhere. 

All you need to do now to get health insurance is to simply dial *141*44# for your Airtel line to subscribe to any of the data bundles on this plan. The health insurance gives you access to a range of health insurance solutions including coverage for medications worth up to N60,000. hospitalization reimbursements up to a N240,000 per year, and unlimited consultation with a doctor via WhatsApp chat anywhere, anytime. 


AXA Mansard Health and Airtel Nigeria Offer Nigerians Opportunity to Buy Health Insurance with Data Bundles


Speaking during the launch of the product in Lagos yesterday, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Mansard Health, Tope Adeniyi, said the product once again, demonstrates AXA Mansard’s commitment to ensure that all Nigerians have access to affordable and quality healthcare. He furthered that AXA Is very delighted to have found the same level of commitment In Airtel Nigeria. 

“The combined purpose of AXA to act for human progress; and Airtel; to enrich lives is what we have gathered here to celebrate today. Ultimately however, Its Nigerians that win because what this partnership has done Is to further accelerate the noble agenda of the universal health coverage. With this product, healthcare can now be accessible to everyone, everywhere in the country”. 

Also speaking at the launch, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Femi Oshinlaja described the bundle as an innovative product that has been particularly designed to make significant difference. 

“In line with Airtel’s core value, which is to deliver solutions that enrich the lives of our customers, we are pleased to partner with AXA Mansard, to launch a cutting-edge health bundle that will add value to our customers. This partnership aims to provide easy and pocket friendly health insurance access to Airtel users, through mobile data service”, he said. 

He added that the health bundle will shorten the distance between Airtel customers and healthcare providers such as hospitals and pharmacies. 

AXA Mansard Health has been in the forefront of Innovative solutions aimed at Improving access to health care for Nigerians across various socio-economic classes. The company recently launch a N1,000 HMO scratch card that gives customer access to over 100,000 worth of health cover annually; and other emerging customer health solutions such as N450 malarial care cover.   


AXA Mansard Health and Airtel Nigeria Offer Nigerians Opportunity to Buy Health Insurance with Data Bundles


On Aug. 9, the IPCC will release its most comprehensive report on the science of climate change since 2013. This IPCC report will be the first of four reports released under the IPCC’s latest assessment cycle, with subsequent reports coming in 2022.
Floods in Kenya’s Turkana County, Lodwar town. Credit: Isaiah Esipisu/IPS.
  • Opinion by Kennedy Mugochi (nairobi)
  • Inter Press Service
  • Kennedy Mugochi is Director of Hivos East Africa

In fact, the world stands perilously close to breaching the threshold of a 1.5C degree temperature rise, beyond which unimaginably catastrophic and irreversible climate impacts will ravage Africa and the world. Yet, the rich countries that caused this crisis are still refusing to give up their addiction to fossil fuels and are still short-changing the Global South on the funding needed for climate action.

A crucial opportunity to tackle these challenges

Next week, African leaders have a crucial opportunity to tackle these challenges. The Africa Climate Summit, hosted by the government of Kenya from September 4 to 6, will bring together heads of state and ministers, as well as representatives from civil society and the private sector.

The summit is the moment for African leaders and civil society to agree on a strong action platform, not only for pan-African measures but also for global decisions due to be taken at the UN global climate summit (COP28) this November.

Achieving a robust common agenda depends on three key factors:

A people-centered approach: The summit must put the needs of the people at the heart of its deliberations. The voices and needs of women, youth, Indigenous people, and others most vulnerable to climate impacts must be given priority over those of foreign companies and donors.

A justice approach: This means making sure that the benefits and costs of climate action are equitably distributed. Both within countries, so that women, informal workers, Indigenous people, and other vulnerable groups don’t lose out. And between countries, so that rich countries, which have done most to cause the crisis, shoulder more of the burden than developing countries. These two principles of justice should underpin the summit’s outcomes.

A collaborative approach: The summit must be a genuine collaborative effort between governments, civil society, and the progressive private sector. Only by working together can we achieve the necessary changes. Too much influence by particular interest groups will likely compromise the summit’s outcomes.

However daunting as it may appear, I appeal to African leaders to take a united approach during the summit that will benefit the people of Africa in the long run.

Three vital areas for the summit to produce clear outcomes:

Firstly, Africa and the world must rapidly transition away from fossil fuels. African governments and foreign donors and investors must put an immediate stop to the expansion of the fossil fuel industry and ensure that no new fossil fuel projects are financed, licensed, or constructed. Foreign partners must help finance a managed and just phase-out of existing fossil capacity.

Secondly, divert investments and subsidies from fossil fuels to Africa’s vast renewable energy potential. But the priority should be to spur inclusive, gender-transformative and sustainable development within Africa, not to satisfy the appetites of foreign countries and companies. As Hivos has demonstrated in its ENERGIA program, decentralized, community-owned, renewable energy solutions are key to create opportunities and jobs for women, small and micro businesses, youth, farmers and other economically marginalized groups.

Lastly, the summit must loudly redouble Africa’s calls for a transformation of the global climate finance system. Africa needs massively increased, non-debt creating finance for adaptation and loss and damage, as well as for the energy and food transitions. And we need more democratic and inclusive institutions to govern climate finance. This means not only giving governments of developing countries a fair say, but also bringing most-affected communities to the table. A portion of global and national funding should be set aside for local communities to directly access and manage.

The African Climate Summit is a critical opportunity for African leaders to take action on climate change. I urge them to seize this opportunity and make bold commitments to protect the planet and its people.

Together, we can build a fairer, more sustainable future for Africa and the world.

© Inter Press Service (2023) — All Rights ReservedOriginal source: Inter Press Service

Indonesia has long sidestepped larger geopolitical conflicts. But now, as it becomes a hub for electric vehicle production, it’s getting caught in the rivalry between the U.S. and China.

At stake is control over nickel, a critical component of E.V. batteries. Indonesia, with the Earth’s largest reserves, is something like the Saudi Arabia of nickel. It is carefully guarding that resource with an export ban on ore: If foreign companies want Indonesia’s raw nickel, they must invest.

The country has drawn more than $14 billion in foreign investment, primarily from Chinese companies. Chinese investment has generated much-needed jobs. But that upward mobility has a downside: pollution and social strife on the island of Sulawesi.

And the U.S., concerned about the influence of China, is refusing to offer Indonesia a trade deal that would mean even more investment and jobs.

I reached out to Peter Goodman, our global economics correspondent, for more insight on the high stakes for Indonesia.

What stood out to you most about the situation in Indonesia while reporting this story?

I hadn’t been in Jakarta for 30 years, since I lived there at the beginning of my journalism career in the early 1990s. It was extraordinary to see how much the city had developed — the emergence of fancy shopping malls with high-end restaurants, new housing, a shiny subway system and the obvious presence of a thriving middle class. But when I got out to the island of Sulawesi, it was equally startling to see how little had changed in communities far from the capital. Here was poverty, limited infrastructure and the willingness to accept horrifying pollution for jobs. Above all, I was struck by the sense of purpose, the designs on taking advantage of the country’s mineral wealth in an age of electric vehicles to advance development.

What’s the biggest difference between the way China and the U.S. are dealing with Indonesia here?

Chinese officials and companies identified earlier than anyone else the strategic importance of nickel in an era of electric vehicles, and the reality that Indonesia possesses critical stocks. They invested quickly and aggressively, unbothered by endemic corruption and loose environmental and workplace safety standards. The U.S., by contrast, was late to appreciate the significance of Indonesia in the electric vehicle supply chain. And even as the Biden administration crafts policy designed to secure American access to critical minerals, other considerations — discouraging Chinese investment, avoiding involvement with environmental destruction and labor strife — are constraining action.

And in China: When Beijing tried to cool its housing market, it created a bigger problem, and fallout from debt-laden developers and sinking sales spread to the broader economy.

The Netherlands and Denmark said yesterday that they would donate F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine — the first countries to do so — in what President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said was a breakthrough in his nation’s quest to acquire the aircraft considered imperative in the war against Russia.

The jets would enhance Kyiv’s ground-launched air defenses and could deter Moscow by erasing its aerial superiority. Zelensky said the Netherlands would donate 42 jets once Ukrainian pilots and engineers had been trained.

Elsewhere in the war: Ukrainian commanders are more confident now that they’re on the offensive. Despite tough fighting and heavy casualties, they say their forces are in better shape now than just months ago.

A Russian missile slammed into the main square of Chernihiv, Ukraine, on Saturday, killing at least seven people and injuring more than 100, including 12 children, officials said.

Spain should not have been in contention, my colleague Rory Smith writes. Its finest players spent most of the last year on strike, and a dozen of them were not invited to the tournament as a consequence. The squad that did play was held together by an uneasy truce.

But Spain is champion of the world, sweeping past England, the favorite, to win by a single goal, 1-0. And that’s a testament to an enduring truth of soccer, of sports: Talent can conquer absolutely anything.

Haptic suits have been around for decades, but a new version of the technology, from the company Music: Not Impossible, was developed in part to offer deaf people a better way to experience music. Now the devices are becoming more accessible, even offered at live events.

Music: Not Impossible suits, which wrap around the body, are unique because they turn individual notes of music into specific vibrations, allowing people to feel up to 24 instruments or vocal elements in a song.

China’s rapid economic growth has meant the demolition of countless rural homes. It has also nurtured nostalgia, inspiring a small but growing community of artists to meet that demand with miniature replicas of homes that were swept away by modernization.

These miniatures “offer a kind of spiritual enjoyment,” said Shen Peng, who took up the craft to give his grandmother a way to revisit the home she’d shared with his grandfather, which was razed by the government.

While designing and collecting miniatures has long been a hobby in the West, it remains relatively new in China: On social media, artists with sizable followings number only about a dozen. But posts about their creations can amass hundreds of thousands of likes, and Shen has 400,000 followers on Douyin, China’s TikTok.

After three of the top lineman went quickly in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Steelers needed to act quickly. Pittsburgh traded up with the New York Jets for the 14th overall pick. With that selection, they took Broderick Jones from the University of Georgia. 

Mark Kaboly of The Athletic reported that Jones isn’t playing as well as the Steelers had hoped. They had all intentions of him being the starting LT this season. With this play so far, Jones hasn’t done enough to win the job. He’s still adjusting to the NFL and might need a part of the season to continue developing.

Will Broderick Jones get a chance to be a starter for the Steelers at any point this season?

As of now, the Steelers have not made any decisions on who will start at LT this season. It’s currently a battle between Dan More Jr. and rookie first-round pick Broderick Jones. Moore has been the Steelers’ starter for the past two seasons. Additionally, RT Chukwuma Oakrafor has been a starter since 2020.

The Steelers didn’t move up in the first round to not play Broderick Jones. Through camp so far, Jones hasn’t done nearly enough to take a starting spot from Moore or Oakafor. From how it looks, it’s going to take some time until Jones is ready to be a starting LT in the NFL.

In Pittsburgh’s first preseason game, Broderick Jones played 49 snaps, the most of anyone on the team. The Steelers clearly have big intentions for Jones and they are trying to develop him quickly. He’s still learning the nuances and speed of the NFL. Jones might not start Week 1, but the Steelers intend to use him at some point this season. They didn’t use a Top 15 pick in the draft for him to sit on the bench.

There are a handful of big names who have hit the NFL’s free agent market lately, and the rumor mill regarding where they might sign is beginning to heat up. One of those players is DeAndre Hopkins, and the wide receiver has been taking his time making visits to new potential homes.

DeAndre Hopkins Visits Titans, Scheduled To Meet With Patriots

After being one of the most productive pass catchers in the league earlier in his career, Hopkins struggled to be his dominant self in his three years with the Cardinals. There were injury and suspension issues which had an effect on his numbers, but the output never lived up to the price of the contract.

Arizona cut ties earlier this off-season, saving themselves some cash as they look to re-tool under a new coaching regime. For Hopkins, it means free agent freedom. There has been plenty of speculation as to where he’ll end up, including Kansas City and potentially a return back to Houston.

But thus far, Hopkins has only met with one team, and has just one more stop scheduled (for now). Based on the teams that he has chosen to visit, it seems that winning a championship is not exactly of the highest priority.

Both Titans And Patriots Can Give Hopkins Opportunities

Last week, DeAndre Hopkins met with the Tennessee Titans about a potential relationship. There has been no word on how those talks went, but there certainly has been no signing. The wide receiver has another meeting scheduled for this coming week, this time with the New England Patriots.

While it is impossible to predict, it can be said with some certainty that neither the Titans nor Patriots are considered to be any kind of Super Bowl threat. Neither is predicted to have a terribly talented roster, and they play in a conference lined up and down with dominant quarterbacks.

So what does Hopkins value? There of course has been no direct quote, but based on his visits so far, it appears that winning a ring isn’t at the top of his list of aspirations.

Signing with either the Titans or Patriots would provide Hopkins with plenty of opportunity. Both teams have very little depth at wide receiver, and Hopkins would likely immediately become the #1 option at either stop.

DeAndre Hopkins played in just 19 games combined over the last two seasons, racking up nearly 1,300 receiving yards and scoring 11 touchdowns.

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Erling Haaland could break another record if he scores in the FA Cup final against Manchester United, adding to an ever-growing list of feats he has set this season.

As part of an exhaustive list, Haaland’s goalscoring prowess has seen him manage 52 goals in all competitions and set countless records, including becoming the first player in Premier League history to score three consecutive hat-tricks in home matches, becoming the first top-flight player to score 50 goals in a season since 1931 and, of course, scoring the most amount of goals ever managed in a Premier League campaign. 

YAPPI: An opportunity for Youth Empowerment through the Animation and Post-Production Industry

Did you know that the global Animation industry is valued at over Four Hundred Billion Dollars and is growing at a cumulative average of 5% per annum? 


Did you know that the world-famous Walt Disney’s Studios first animators were women?


What if I told you that Nigeria’s first globally acclaimed animator is a lady called Ebele Okoye?


You too can become successful in this industry by studying in the Youth in Animation and Post Production Initiative (YAPPI), a program designed by the Del York Creative Academy (DCA) to train young people to become master animators that can thrive on the global stage.


Through the YAPPI program, we aim to empower 60,000 young people especially women, in the areas of skill development and access to fulfilling jobs and entrepreneurship in what is a high-value industry where sadly, African talent is lagging. This will be achieved by way of an intensive online and offline program in 3d animation and post-production and a dedicated mentorship and entrepreneurship track that prepares learners for participation in the global animation industry.  


It’s time to engage with the world’s creative community! Join us as we embark on this life-changing journey of learning and empowerment! 


Visit www.yappi.com.ng/register to register for free and secure your place before classes resume!


Be YAPPI, Be empowered!



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