Michael Cohen knows Trump, and he described the former president’s current behavior as panic and fear.

Video of Cohen:

Ari Melber asked Cohen about Trump’s behavior, ” This is really panic and fear. He knows what’s coming on Tuesday, Wednesday, whatever. He knows what’s coming down the pike, and what he’s trying to do is he’s trying to get the advanced jump on to the story. We did the exact same thing at the Trump University case with Schneiderman when we found out he was filing and before he filed we jumped on to it and it’s a typical Trump play. ”

Trump is scared. A man who built his career and some would say his life on spreading fear is now the person who is afraid.

If this hush money case was such a nothing, why is Donald Trump scared? The answer is likely because criminal charges make him unelectable in a general election. Should Trump’s defenders be able to successfully spin this as a political prosecution, he probably will win the Republican presidential nomination.

None of his primary rivals seem willing to take on Trump, so the odds are high that this scandal won’t harm Trump with GOP primary voters.

Imagine the fear that children on the border felt when they were ripped away from their parents or the fear of healthcare workers who lacked PPE during the first wave of COVID because didn’t provide enough equipment. Trump spent four years in the White House causing fear, and he is afraid.

That is a former of justice that many Americans have been waiting for.

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