Jeanie Buss is engaged to Jay Mohr. We probably don’t discuss the randomness of this enough because the NBA has so many other storylines going on at the same time, but if this relationship had taken place during a different blog era, it would have gotten a lot more attention. As it stands, Mohr is often at Lakers games with Buss and now the Los Angeles Lakers owner is starting to go to work with the comedian as well.

Mohr will headline at The Ice House in Pasedena next week with Buss doing a “special introduction” at the official comedy club of the Los Angeles Lakers. And before that you’re invited to a meet & greet with the Laker girls.

I guess the most confusing part of this is the inclusion of the picture of Mohr and Buss as the Incredibles with the words, “Comedy’s new DYNAMIC DUO.” Are they going to be doing bits? There are a few seats remaining at $30 a pop, so someone please check it out and report back. We will pay handsomly for footage of Jeanie Buss saying, “What’s the deal with LeBron?”

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