With the Saudi PIF splashing hundreds of millions within the footballing world it seems likely that their next investment may be a sports federation as a whole.

According to the latest odds sourced by SportsLens resident compiler Alan Alger, the Saudi PIF are most likely to acquire the NBA by the end of 2024 lining up with odds at 6/1.

Sport Federation Purchase Odds

  • NBA @ 6/1
  • MLB @ 7/1
  • F1 @ 8/1
  • ATP @ 12/1
  • IPL @ 16/1
  • NFL @ 20/1

Alan commented on the odds “With the NFL and tennis authorities supposedly reluctant to enter into talks, we can see the MLB and NBA as the front runners here, particularly as we are led to believe that meetings have already taken place. We make the NBA slight favourite at 6/1, with the MLB close behind at 7/1.

“F1 must also be taken seriously as the glitz and glamour of motor racing is certainly not out of the reach of the deep pockets of the Saudis”.

*Note. These are hypothetical odds by the SportsLens trading team. They are for entertainment purposes only.

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