Terrifying moment Russian fighter jet crashes into the sea with pilot

A Russian pilot reportedly died after his Su-25 fighter jet crashed in the Azov Sea in the country’s south near Ukraine.


Russian military authorities said a Su-25 fighter jet crashed after taking off from a local airfield for a training flight, the state-run RIA Novosti reported.


The crash was caused by an “engine failure,” the Southern Military District in Rostov-on-Don said.


Video shared on social media showed the fighter’s pilot parachuting from the aircraft as it plunged into the water, not far from a beach where people could be seen swimming.



“I express my condolences to the relatives of the victim who died when his Su-25 attack aircraft crashed during a training flight,” Roman Bublik, the head of the Yeisk district of the southern Krasnodar region, said on social media.


Reports from pro-War channels said the Russian pilot had been on his first combat mission when he crashed into the sea.


Emergency crews could not save the pilot, who reportedly died after breaking his leg upon impact and getting tangled in his parachute.

A Nigerian man who is based abroad, says the outrageous fees charged at his daughter’s school, has forced him to invite his retired mum over so she can help homeschool his daughter.  In a tweet shared, the Nigerian pilot said his daughter’s daycare fee a month is $1950 a month. In order not to expend such an amount monthly, he decided to invite over his mother who is retired teacher, so she can help him teach his daughter and save him the cost.  The post My daughter wont kill me through daycare tuition fees – Abroad-based Nigerian pilot reveals his daughters daycare fees made him invite his mother appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

Pilot makes emergency landing after finding snake in cabin

South African pilot Rudolph Erasmus was forced to make an emergency landing when he saw a highly venomous cobra under his seat while at 11,000ft in the air.


Erasmus had four passengers on board the light aircraft during the flight on Monday, April 3, when he felt “something cold” slide across his lower back. He glanced down to see the head of a fairly large Cape Cobra “receding back under the seat,” he said.


“It was as if my brain didn’t know what was going on,” he told The Associated Press.


After taking a moment to compose himself, he informed his passengers of the snake on board.


“There was a moment of stunned silence,” he said. Everyone stayed cool.


Erasmus called air traffic control for permission to make an emergency landing in the town of Welkom in central South Africa. He still had to fly for another 10 to 15 minutes and land the plane with the snake curled up by his feet.


“I kept looking down to see where it was. It was happy under the seat,” Erasmus said. “I don’t have a big fear of snakes but I normally don’t go near them.”


Brian Emmenis, who works at Welkom radio station Gold FM and is also an aviation expert, received a phone call to see if he could help. He called the fire and rescue department, which sent emergency responders and a snake handler to meet the plane at the airport. Emmenis was first at the scene and saw everyone disembark, “visibly shaken,” Emmenis said, but all safe thanks to Erasmus.


“He stayed calm and landed that aircraft with a deadly venomous Cape Cobra curled up underneath his seat,” Emmenis said.


Pilot makes emergency landing after finding snake in cabin


Cape Cobras are one of Africa’s most dangerous cobra species because of the potency of their venom.

It was a bold move for a general recently nominated for promotion by Mr. Trump, who at the time was furious about what he viewed as Pentagon intransigence over his desire to deploy active duty troops to city streets to take on racial justice protesters.

But General Brown was unanimously confirmed by the Senate, and Time magazine named him one of the most influential people of 2020 months later.

General Brown, who declined to speak for this article, as did General Berger, has spoken about inclusion on other occasions. In an Air Force recruiting ad that aired during the pregame show for the N.B.A. finals in 2021, he came off as a take-no-prisoners fighter pilot: “When I’m flying, I put my helmet on, my visor down, my mask up,” he said, staring into the camera, to interspersing footage that could be straight out of “Top Gun,” if the movie franchise was about Air Force and not Navy pilots. “You don’t know who I am, whether I’m African American, Asian American, Hispanic, white, male or female.”

“You just know I’m an American airman, kicking your butt. I’m General C.Q. Brown Jr. Come join us.”

The commercial received widespread praise on social media.

General Brown was once questioned for parking his car in the designated spot for the Pacific Air Forces commander, back when he actually was the Pacific Air Forces commander.

He has evinced humility — he told a National Press Club audience that he would give himself a “C” for putting change in place in the giant institution he commands. But he also has swagger — he irritated his bosses last summer when he said at the Aspen Security Forum that the United States might provide fighter jets to Ukraine and train its pilots how to fly them. The Biden administration may yet end up doing this, but the White House was not ready to make any such announcement last year.

Since then, General Brown has gone back to being cautious. Until, his friends say, he decides, again, not to be.

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A Nigerian pilot, AbdulHafeez Rimi, has flown his mother for the first time 


Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, October 12, he shared a photo from the special moment, noting that he has been looking forward to flying his Mom. 


“A day I’ve always looked forward to. Finally got to fly my Mom. AlhamdulilLah,” he tweeted. 


The tweet has garnered over 60k Likes and 5000 Retweets. 


A day I

Passengers who flew from Abuja to Edo state were recently transported back to Abuja after their pilot was unable to land due to power outage at the airport in Benin city, the state capital. An aggrieved passenger shared a video from the airport as he expressed his disappointment. Watch the video below…      View this post on Instagram           A post shared by Lindaikejiblog (@lindaikejiblogofficial)  The post Passengers enroute Edo state from Abuja flown back as pilot couldn’t land due to power outage at Benin airport appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

IK Osakioduwa joins Laura Ikeji in the pilot episode of Laura

The pilot episode of Laura’s Kitchen with host Laura Ikeji features the inimitable media personality IK Osakioduwa.


This episode sees Laura prepare the Italian delicacy, Spaghetti Bolognese, while IK entertains her and the viewers with his goofy personality. 


As they cook the dish of the day, Laura regales IK with some unknown facts about herself, leaving the media personality surprised.


Laura’s Kitchen is a culinary show which infuses immersive conversation and humour while demonstrating the fine art of cooking.


The show is produced by Linda Ikeji TV and sponsored by Gino and Bama Mayonnaise.


Watch the trailer for the pilot episode of Laura’s Kitchen below.



Azman Airline has distanced itself from Captain Jamil Abubakar and a tweet he shared following the killing of a Christian student by her Muslim counterparts for alleged blasphemy.


Deborah Samuel was beaten and stoned to death before she was set ablaze on Thursday, May 12.


Her crime was a statement she made on her class WhatsApp group which her Muslim colleagues considered to be blasphemous to the Prophet.


Tweeting following Deborah’s death, Captain Jamil, an experienced pilot, son of the former Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubakar, and son-in-law of Africa’s richest man Alhaji Aliko Dangote, tweeted: “In Islam we respect the Injil, Taura, Zabur, we were never taught to disrespect any of the book, or any of the prophets From Adam to Muhammad SAW & the Quran.


“The punishment for Blasphemy is D£ATH! in most religions including Christianity.
Respect Peoples religion it’s simple!”


He added: “In Islam the Sharia court handles these cases. Islam put rules & regulations to control peoples action and motives, so the wrong ones are not cheated and justice is served the right way.”


He has now deleted the tweets after it caused outrage.



Twitter users mentioned Azman Air as his employer and called on the Airline to take action. Others defended Jamil and said they agree with his tweet.



Azman Air has now said that he is no longer their pilot and last worked with them in Dec 2019.


The Airline also said it will not take responsibility for the comment of a former staff.


The tweet reads: “PUBLIC NOTICE: Capt Jamil Abubakar is no longer a pilot @AzmanAir; his last flight with us was 22nd Dec 2019.


“We refuse to take responsibility for a comment or view of a former staff.


“The General Public should kindly take note.”


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