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Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday night. The speech was broadcast on Right Side Broadcasting Network which used the chyron “TRUMP STOPS IN ‘THE SUNSHINE STATE,'” which is a funny way to describe Trump going somewhere less than five miles from his Mar-a-Lago home.

As for the speech, the topics changed at the usual breakneck pace. This time Trump even worked in an impression of Rush Limbaugh while repeating Barack Obama‘s name.

“Instead of keeping terrorists and terrorist sympathizers out of America, the Biden administration is inviting them in. You know why? Cuz he’s got a boss. Who’s his boss? Barack Hussein Obama. Remember the great Rush Limbaugh? Barack HUSSEIN Obama. He’d go Barack Hussein Obama. Hello, Lee.”

Got to love the crowd work. Lee must have felt it was worth every penny to spring for a seat up front. Who knows if he would have gotten a shoutout if the crowd hadn’t fallen silent during the Limbaugh impression.

Trump then shared a brief aside about the Department of Justice inviting someone to Washington, D.C., before adding, “Isn’t that nice? Couldn’t be too impressed with our capital… It looks like shit.”

Makes you wonder why he’d ever want to leave the Sunshine State.

It’s hard to believe that in 2018 – just over five years ago – conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh was discussing a “leftist coup,” an ongoing effort by the left to “drive Donald Trump out of office” that “intensifies each and every day.”

And for five years now, those attacks have in fact intensified each and every day.

The ongoing assault on the top political candidate for the Republican Party has culminated in recent months with multiple indictments from left-wing prosecutors, countless charges, and the potential for many years in prison.

Limbaugh, on an August 2018 broadcast, predicted the current atmosphere, accurately explaining that no matter what they try to do to Trump, people who voted for him will never stop offering their support.

“The people that voted for Trump are never going to abandon him,” he told listeners. “I don’t care what [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller does. I don’t care what the media does. I don’t care what anybody. They’re never gonna abandon him.”

Mueller at the time was searching for evidence of collusion between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia. He would find none. Limbaugh went on to explain why Republican voters weren’t going to abandon the then-President.

“You know why? They elected him knowing who he is. And in many cases, they admire who he is. But none of that matters,” he pointed out. “He is the one person standing in the way of them losing their country. In their minds, that’s what’s at stake.”

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Trump Voters Will Never Abandon Their Candidate

Perhaps the most amazing part of the comments by Rush Limbaugh pointing out that voters will simply never abandon Trump is how much of it remains truly relevant even to this day.

He explains perfectly how centrist Republicans either do not understand or do not care that a significant voting bloc fears their country is being destroyed by the Democrats.

“Trump,” he states, “is seen as the only thing in the way.”

“That’s why they’re never gonna abandon him.”

Limbaugh goes on to point out that this won’t deter Democrats and the media from trying to force the American people to walk away. And he accurately forecasts liberals will keep going until they reach the ultimate goal – being able to laugh in your face.

“It’s gonna make them even more committed to get rid of Trump. Folks, they can’t wait,” he said.

“The Never Trumper conservatives, the inside-the-Beltway establishment people, the media, they can’t wait for the day, in their minds, they’re dreaming of it, Trump’s gone, and they can’t wait to go on TV and go (raspberry) to 60 million of you.”

“They can’t wait to go on TV and mock you and laugh at you and tell you don’t you ever try this again,” Limbaugh continued. “They can’t wait to tell you what they really think of you, which isn’t much at all.”

We’ve watched it happen in real time these last few weeks. They’ve been cheering for Trump’s imprisonment for years now. And they may finally get what they’ve always wanted due to the ongoing political persecution.

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Newt: The Political Persecution is Strengthening Trump

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich echoed Limbaugh’s assessment that Trump voters will never abandon him, blasting the Democrat-fueled indictments against Trump as an “absurdity” that will only serve to get him nominated “by a landslide.”

“Let’s just be clear what’s going on,” said Gingrich. “The left is afraid of Donald Trump. He is the one outsider who has shaken their whole system and they’re willing to destroy the law in order to destroy Trump.”

“I think in the end, this is going to nominate Trump by a landslide and the nomination will be over by February 1st,” he added.

In the few short days after Trump’s mugshot was released, his campaign raised over $7 million. After four indictments, the former President is still the favorite to win the nomination and beat Joe Biden in the presidential election.

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll shows President Trump leading the primary field by nearly 40 points, while a New York Post/Leger poll has President Trump leading Joe Biden 44 percent to 41 percent.

Limbaugh, the conservative icon, radio legend, prognosticator, and conscience of the Republican Party, passed away in 2021 at the age of 70 after battling Stage IV lung cancer.

He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Trump at the State of the Union address in 2020.

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Nak3d woman gets out of car, then opens fire on busy Bridge during rush hour (video)

A nak3d woman in California, USA got out of her car on one of the nation’s busiest bridges and began firing a gun, according to police.


The bizarre scene unfolded during rush hour on the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge on Tuesday, July 25 according to the California Highway Patrol.

The woman then stopped in the middle of her lane, got out of her car with a knife and began yelling at other drivers, according to cops.

She then got back in the car and continued driving to Oakland, but stopped again at a toll plaza and exited the car — this time with a gun and no clothing, officers told The Post.


Nak3d woman gets out of car, then opens fire on busy Bridge during rush hour (video)

A driver called 911 to report that another driver had brandished a gun at them on the I-80 span, which crosses the San Francisco Bay, around 4:40 p.m., police said.


The unnamed naked woman then turned around and began firing randomly at the occupied cars that were backed up behind her, police said.

She was captured on video footage walking along the shoulder and firing her weapon into the air before officers arrived and convinced her to drop her weapon, taking her into custody without incident, police said.

Miraculously, no injuries were reported, and the suspect’s motivation as at press time remains unclear.


Nak3d woman gets out of car, then opens fire on busy Bridge during rush hour (video)

She was placed on a mental health hold in a local hospital and would be booked on unspecified charges upon her release, cops said.


Watch the video below 





Thousands of Syrian refugees in Turkey lined up at a border crossing on Wednesday in hopes of returning home temporarily after Syrian border officials announced that Turkey had agreed to let them go and then return later while it copes with a disastrous earthquake.

The Syrian administration of Bab al-Hawa, one of the main border crossings between Turkey and an opposition-held territory in northwestern Syria, announced via social media that Turkey would allow Syrian refugees living in the earthquake zone to return to their homeland for three to six months. By late morning on Wednesday, some had begun to cross the border.

If confirmed, this would be a policy shift by Turkey, albeit under extraordinary circumstances. Turkey has tightly controlled the border with Syria for years to prevent more refugees from coming in. Most Syrians who have returned to Syria risked not being allowed back into Turkey.

Turkish officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

Mazen Alloush, a spokesman for the Syrian side of the Bab al-Hawa border crossing, said there were about 1.7 million Syrians living in the Turkish areas devastated by the earthquake, which killed more than 40,000 people in Turkey and Syria and left millions homeless in the two countries. Turkey hosts about 3.7 million Syria refugees in total.

The Bab al-Hawa crossing is administered by a Syrian opposition group that controls part of the country’s northwest. Mr. Alloush said that over the past few days, the local government, which is linked to the opposition group, had met with Turkish officials. Turkish officials then decided to allow Syrians to go home temporarily, then return later, as Turkey recovers and rebuilds, Mr. Alloush said.

Mr. Alloush said that he expected about 3,000 Syrians to cross through the Bab al-Hawa a day and that more would go through other border crossings.

On Wednesday, many of those who had lined up at the border crossing were carrying suitcases, plastic bags and potato sacks containing whatever personal belongings they had been able to salvage from destroyed homes.

Some said they would spend a few months in Syria until Turkey emerged from its state of emergency and made cities and towns inhabitable again. But others said they had no intention of returning to Turkey: They said they had come to Turkey years ago to flee war and destruction in Syria, but with parts of Turkey now in a state of destruction, they might as well return home.

“We are going back because we no longer have a place to shelter here,” said Mohammad Mohammad, 40, who was lined up with his wife and two young children. They carried with them a potato sack stuffed with clothes.

Neighbors had pulled the family members out of the rubble of their collapsed home in the southern Turkish city of Antakya hours after the earthquake struck. Mr. Mohammad had a fractured leg but said that he had struggled to find a hospital that would treat a minor injury given the overall scale of others’ wounds.

With no place to live, they had gone a nearby town, but he said that they had been refused a tent for three days because priority was being given to Turkish people. He said he had also heard from friends trying to rent homes elsewhere in southern Turkey that landlords were seeking unaffordable rents.

The family plans to stay with relatives in northwestern Syria and then return to Turkey in a few months, Mr. Mohammad said.

“At least in Syria there are tents and we have family and friends,” he said. “People will help us.”

Libianca‘s ‘People’ leaped 9 places as it appears at a new peak of NO. 18 this week as it extends its run on the chart to 4 weeks.

Oxlade‘s ‘Kulosa’ slips 8 places from NO. 74 last week to NO. 82 this week as it enters its 19th week on the chart.

Ayra Starr‘s ‘Rush’ debuts on the chart appearing at NO. 92 thus marking her first solo entry on the chart.

Burna Boy‘s ‘Alone’ slips 7 places to NO. 93 while ‘Last Last’ slips 10 places to NO. 95 as it enters its 34th week on the chart.

UK Afrobeats Chart (29 January 2023 – 04 February 2023): The top 5 remains unchanged with Libianca’s ‘People’ retaining the top spot.

Burna Boy‘s ‘Alone’ remains at NO. 2, Ruger‘s ‘Asiwaju’ stays at NO. 3, Wizkid‘s ‘2 Sugar’ feat Ayra Starr remains NO. 4, and Asake‘s ‘Organize’ remains at NO. 5.

Asake’s ‘Peace Be Unto You’ moves up to NO. 6, Wizkid’s ‘Bad To Me’ slips to NO. 7, while Mavin‘s ‘Won Da Mo’ stays at NO. 10.

Joeboy‘s ‘Body & Soul’ debuts at NO. 13 and Spinall’s ‘Bunda’ feat Olamide & Lemuel debuts at NO. 17.

Appreciating Osiberu along with the cast and the crew, Bartels wrote, “#Sugarrush2 Is A Wrap! Epistle deserved! So I had met @jadeosiberu when she was about to make Isoken but worked much closely with her on the release of #SugarRush 1 but mehnn to see her work on set on this #SugarRush2 I think say I dey work o, she is VERY much an AMAZON in all sense of the word!”

Not much is known about the project, except for the return of the three sisters and award-winning Martinican filmmaker Khris Burton coming on as director.

The original movie follows the exciting lives of the three sisters who were in a comic race against time to recover a large sum belonging to a dreadful crime lord in the original.

‘Sugar Rush’ sequel is a Greoh Studios production in partnership with FilmOne, EME and Jungle Filmworks.

‘Xtra Cool’ is Young Jonn’s second top ten entry in Nigeria— joining ‘Dada (Remix)’ with Davido. It is also Young Jonn’s highest charting single as an artiste, passing ‘Dada (Remix)’.

Pheelz & Davido’s ‘Electricity’ repeats at No. 4 for another week after debuting and peaking at No. 3.

Fireboy DML & Asake’s ‘Bandana’ moves 6–5 after topping the chart for scene non-consecutive weeks.

At No. 6 and No. 7 are two former No. 1 songs from Asake’s ‘Organise’ which drops one place to No. 6 and ‘Terminator’ falling four places to No. 7 Bella Shmurda & Omah Lay’s ‘Philo’ slides 7-8.

Rounding out this week’s top ten; Victony & Tempoe’s ‘Soweto’ enters the top ten for the first time at No. 9; the song tallied 1.5 million streams (No. 16 on streaming) and 49.6 million in radio reach (No. 3 on radio).

‘Soweto’ is Victony’s highest charting single in Nigeria as a lead artiste— surpassing the No. 10 peak of ‘Kolomental’ on the defunct TurnTable Top 50. The artiste peaked at No. 8 as a featured artiste with ‘Different Size’.

For Tempoe, this marks the first time the producer will enter the top ten as a billed artiste. At No. 10 is Blaqbonez & JAE5’s ‘Back in Uni’ which debuts with 32 million in radio reach (No. 10 on radio) and 1.69 million streams (No. 11 on streaming).

Chart rankings on the Nigeria Top 100 are based on weighted formula incorporating audio and video streams within Nigeria, as well as airplay on radio and satellite TV in the country. It is the first and only standard music chart in Nigeria, providing comprehensive music activity including the official No. 1 song in Nigeria.

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