?F*king watch it, you

Disturbing new video shows right-wing commentator and social media influencer, Steven Crowder warning his then-heavily pregnant wife to “f–king watch it” — while berating her for not following orders to do “wifely” duties.


The footage was recorded using door security software, Ring , and was released on Thursday April 27 by journalist Yashar Ali on his Substack.


The video shows events that led up to what the YouTuber has called a “horrendous divorce.”,


While being berated, Crowder’s wife, Hilary, repeatedly tries to reassure her husband that she loves him and is “committed.”

“I love you … but your abuse is sick,” she told him at one point — with him warning sternly: “Watch it. Watch it. F–king watch it.”


The nearly 3 1/2-minute video from June 2021, starts with Crowder smoking as he berates Hilary — who was eight months pregnant with their twins for not adhering to the “boundaries” he had set for her.


?F*king watch it, you


“You are not taking the car, because if you refuse to do wifely things then I will go pick up the groceries,” he tells his wife as she tries to leave their home.

Crowder reportedly admitted to later inside the house threatening his wife: “I will f–k you up.”

His distressed wife quietly notes that they do not need groceries, and offers to pick up anything he needs while she is out.


Still, the influencer snaps: “I can’t go to the gym. I can’t go to my parents. I can’t call my friends. … Hilary, just think of how boxed in you’ve made me!”


As his wife breathes deeply and appears to fight back tears, Crowder tells her that “the only way out of it is discipline and respect.”


Again offering to get her husband’s grocery needs, Hilary says she needs “some space,” telling him: “I love you — I love you very much.”


“I don’t love you, that’s the big problem,” Crowder replies back.


“And the fact is, when I go, ‘Look, I need you to do A, B, C and D,’ you should be disciplined about it, you go, ‘No!’” he complained — ordering her to “become worthy — wife worthy.”


“I love you. I’m committed to you,” his wife tells Crowder.


Crowder interrupts: “Put on some gloves. Are you committed enough to do those things? … walk the dogs and put on some gloves.


“Are you committed enough to get the medication?” he asks, referring to what the report said was a treatment for the dogs that Hilary feared would be toxic for pregnant women.

Crowder later admitted on audio to his “f–k you up” threat after the couple went inside the house, realizing he went too far, Ali said. Still, it was pivotal to his wife’s decision to finally file for divorce months later.


?F*king watch it, you

The couple married in 2012.  Before their divorce, she gave birth to their twins in August 2021 — but Crowder “chose not to be with his wife during the birth of their twin children,” Hilary’s family told Ali.

“The truth is that Hilary spent years hiding Steven’s mentally and emotionally abusive behavior from her friends and family while she attempted to save their marriage,” the family alleged when questioned about how the video leaked.

Crowder — perhaps best known for a viral meme of him sitting behind a desk with the sign “Change my mind” — has yet to address the footage.

However, he told his “Louder With Crowder” audience earlier this week about his “horrendous divorce,” hinting at enemies trying to shame and extort him over it.

“It’s been the most heartbreaking experience in my life,” he said, calling the divorce “my deepest personal failure.”


“I’ve always believed children need a mom and a dad and that divorce is horrible. And I still believe that children need a mom and a dad and that divorce is horrible.

“But in today’s legal system, my beliefs don’t matter,” he complained, repeatedly attacking Texas laws allowing his wife to leave without proving blame.

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Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has stirred various reactions from Nigerians after sharing a video on Instagram of himself carrying his baby on his back.

Recall that on the 11th of May 2022 Yomi Fabiyi’s new wife Grace Fabiyi dragged him on social media.

The mother of one took to her Instagram story to call him out and issue a stern warning to him.

She wrote :“Yomi don’t push me o @realyomifabiyi”.

In another post, she had also written, “If you don’t want God to punish you @realyomifabiyi”.

However, the post has since been deleted.

However, it seems all is well in paradise again and the actor has buried the hatchet with his wife as they were spotted together in the video.

Reacting to his baby care skills, Nigerians praised him for being a good father.

Read the comments below:

Mojisolacarew: ‘keep it up. ‘

Omotayo.oluomo.16: ‘God bless you and your family am so happy for this video. ‘

Ayaba_adediji: ‘Welcome baba baby ‘

Adewaebun: ‘just watch it in Facebook. God bless you Mr Yomi. ‘

Mama_Oriki: ‘Na you dey breastfeed ni ha ha ha.’

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