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Taylor Swift remembers it ‘All too well’ in short film

Taylor Swift remembers it ‘All too well’ in short film

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Self-Written and directed, the film accompanied by a soft rock/pop tune takes us on a love story that begins with a couple in bed, mesmerized by one another. They move to upstate New York, where she leaves her red scarf behind at a house they lodge at. [The red scarf symbolizes her presence as later on referenced]. Their relationship takes a twist at a dinner party, where Taylor’s boyfriend ignores her while catching up with old friends. After dinner, as young Taylor does the dishes, They get into a fight, but the boyfriend is dismissive and arrogant, while a troubled Taylor is heartbroken but still wants to be with Him. He apologizes and kisses her to end the argument. They dance in the refrigerator light and get cozy under the blankets. After, He starts to distance himself from Her when she needs him, eventually breaking up with Her. A devastated swift weeps in bed, ignoring his phone calls. A montage shows Her alone at events and miserable on her 21st birthday. The boyfriend’s life carries on as he walks alone down a Brooklyn street, recalling blissful moments in his relationship with Her. The story then jumps 13 years into the future. Taylor has become an author and is celebrating the release of her novel All Too Well, presumably detailing the heartache of her early twenties, reading it out to an audience of fans in a packed bookstore. Outside, her boyfriend watches Taylor through the window, wearing the same scarf she had abandoned 13 years ago.

The casting accuracy is unmissable. Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink(19-20) plays the young Taylor Swift, ten years younger than Teen Wolf’s Dylan ‘O’ Brien(29-30). Many have speculated that All Too Well is about the 31-year-old singer’s ex-lover ‘Jake Gyllenhard’. Since its release, the record has continued to grow in popularity as it has secured the number spot on the billboard hot 100, overthrowing Adele’s ‘Easy on Me’. Taylor Swift’s residency is in the hall of fame; her storytelling prowess through music is terrific, and each project she adds to her catalogue is a masterpiece. It’s like with every new album; there’s a unique story to tell, a new lesson to learn, a new gem to treasure, and it is no doubt her name will resonate in history as one of the most iconic singers of a generation.

Although most of the tracks on ‘Fearless Taylor’s version’ are familiar, its refreshed sound engineering and inclusion of hitmaker Jack Antonioff completes it as a classic in the pop genre and reveals that sometimes the defining memories that mould us are often the most painful.

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