Monday , December 6 2021
TEMS: The Nigerian Alte-RnB singer on the world stage.

TEMS: The Nigerian Alte-RnB singer on the world stage.

If you are a fan of music centered around feeling, emotion, originality, and artistic rebellion, Tems is a must-listen. Her approach to songwriting is the embodiment of the famous Nigerian slang, ‘No stress’.

“I have learnt to let go and just live life and just do what comes naturally to me”, The 26-year-old singer says in her interview with apple music.

I might take a page from that.

Tems is talented, hardworking, and consistent, but her most significant strength is the marketing forces behind her brand. Signed to RCA Records, for anyone observant enough, one would notice a function of specific decisive movements employed into her career development that is working well. So far.

Coming after an eventful two years since entrance into the spotlight, Tems authenticity and no stress mantra never dimmed.

On Tem’s sophomore EP, ‘If Orange Was A Place’, when she isn’t the bigger person amidst the life drama in ‘Crazy Tings‘, or being the leading vibe in ‘Vibe Out’, she holds the torch for the ‘rebel gang’ in ‘Replay’.

If Orange Was A Place;’ is expected to hit bigger numbers than ‘For Broken Ears’, but this project isn’t about numbers. In my opinion, it is to wet the floor for the artistic phase Tems is bringing us into as she avoids building her name only around ‘Essence’, ‘Fountains’ and previous records.

What is this next phase? What will come next? Whatever it is; The world is listening. The world is watching.

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