Tuesday , March 28 2023
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The Giants Have to Fire Joe Judge

The New York Giants absolutely have to fire Joe Judge after what went down on Sunday. After such a pitiful display of coaching, there’s no way New York can justify bringing him back for another season. He’s simply not an NFL head coach.

What was Judge’s big offense? Well, there were plenty. But the one causing all the controversy was decided to run quarterback sneaks on back-to-back plays deep in his own end to make room for his punter. Yeah. That’s a thing that happened in an NFL game in 2022.

With 5:42 left in the second quarter, the Giants trailed the Washington Football Team 3-0. They started a possession on their own 3-yard line. Jake Fromm threw an incomplete pass on first down. The Giants then called a timeout before Elijhaa Penny committed a false start. So on second and 11 from their 2-yard line, Fromm snuck it up the middle. Then on third and nine from the 4-yard line, he did it again.

So a team that entered the game 4-12 and had nothing to lose, essentially gave up on a possession on second down. The home fans were not enthused.

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