Friday , November 26 2021
‘The harder they fall' was a Netflix masterstroke

‘The harder they fall’ was a Netflix masterstroke

The Harder They Fall, Netflix’s latest installment navigated this beaten part and delivered a masterstroke of gigantic proportions. This popular cowboy flick delivered on every front from the production to the cinematography to the soundtracks that accompanied the pivotal scenes. For viewers like me who have often been disappointed with star-studded movie lineups like this one more often than I care to admit, my expectations before seeing this movie were reasonably tempered.

Ignoring the preceding trailer that introduced the plot a few months back was not so difficult. Having witnessed some memorable movie trailers that have gone on to serve very flat movies definitely prepared me well for that. What I was not prepared for however was how much I was drawn in by the actual movie from the very first scene. The unique angles that the all-black cast brought to a very familiar terrain was well executed by the actors chosen to bring the characters to life.

The unassailable characterization by Jeymes Samuel, the movie’s director, was a great match for the movies’ unparalleled soundtrack that audiences around the world cant stop raving about, and rightly so. It is hard to go wrong with seasoned actors like Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors and Regina King who delivered elite performances in their assigned roles and they were not the only ones. Even not-so-prominent characters executed their bit-part roles to perfection.

This is a movie that is difficult for me to find faults with because it delivered an uncommon and invulnerably emotional watching experience. And for that we say to Netflix, more of this please!

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