Monday , March 27 2023
''The ?L? in BBL stands for Lekki''- BBNaija's Vee shades Lekki Big Babes

”The ?L? in BBL stands for Lekki”- BBNaija’s Vee shades Lekki Big Babes

Most are fake pad or foam and not even surgery. I worked at Ebeano in Lekki for some months. The padded panties fly off the rack like face mask during covid. Who is buying them abeg? The place I manage now the same thing is happening. Even women with big yansh are adding foam to their pant. But most of the ladies that buy it are in business to attract one-time customer. They know that we will not want to see them again after they off pant and we sees the real deal. To ladies that are serious and are being tensioned by fake yansh, most are fake and we guys know it now. The ones with real yansh hardly flaunt it because they are used to it since they were small. It is not by yansh. In fact, I can confidently tell you that any man that follows you because of your big yansh, well you know he is not interested in your intellectual prowess or conversation skills. He just wants to fuck and likely will be unable to see you as more than a honey pot afterwards. Too many yansh everywhere. For me, yansh will 💯 get you through my bedroom door but it can’t keep you there. Everybody dey chop breakfast both big and small. The real surgery stops from us being disappointed unlike fake one but health risk of the real surgery is not worth it

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