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The Seinfeld Keith Hernandez Game Didn't Happen Today

The Seinfeld Keith Hernandez Game Didn’t Happen Today

As told by Kramer and Newman, that infamous game took place on June 14th, 1987, against the Phillies. Keith Hernandez committed a costly error, and the Phillies scored 5 runs in the ninth inning to win it. Also, Roger McDowell was warming up in the bullpen and got a beer thrown on him by Newman as he and Kramer were sitting in the right field bleachers.

The only problem? The Mets weren’t even at home on June 14, 1987, and they did not play the Phillies. They won at Pittsburgh 7-3 that day, in a game where Keith Hernandez had a home run and a double. The Mets did play Philadelphia at Shea a week later, but swept that series, so there was no Keith Hernandez collapse against the Phillies anywhere that month.

In fact, looking through the home games against the Phillies during the Keith Hernandez years, there is no real candidate to serve as the backdrop for the “spitter”. The closest did come in 1987, I suppose, though much later. New York only lost one game at home to Philadelphia that year, and it came in September. 5-3, Hernandez committed an error. Of course, that error came earlier in the game, and the Phillies rallied with 3 in the 7th, not 5 in the 9th.

So, while we know that the game didn’t really occur on June 14th and doesn’t appear to involve the Phillies, there is usually some basis in fact behind the crazy story lines that appeared on Seinfeld. Larry David is a Yankees fan, but perhaps this was a recounted story that involved a Mets fan from that season, and the details got merged.

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