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The Sound Of Magic Kdrama Ending Explained, End Credit Scene And Story Meaning

The Sound Of Magic Kdrama Ending Explained, End Credit Scene And Story Meaning

The Sound Of Magic Kdrama Ending Explained, End Credit Scene And Story Meaning

From murder plots to miraculous escapes to musical numbers, the last episode of Netflix’s latest K-drama The Sound of Magic has a lot to cover, know its ending explained

The Sound of Magic, Netflix’s latest Korean-language release adapted from a webtoon called Annarasumanara, is a fast watch with only six episodes—much less than normal K-drama fare. In terms of plotline, the drama takes off more than it can chew for that timeframe, making the final episode action-packed with plot elements, including revelations about magician Ri-history Eul and the identity of Seo Ha-killer.

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The conclusion must also conclude Ah-Yi and Il-tales, Deung’s having said that, the series does indicate twice that Ri-magic Eul’s is genuine. First, during Ri-attempted Eul’s second arrest, spring snow begins to fall inside the abandoned theme park’s main performance hall.

The Sound Of Magic Kdrama Ending Explained, End Credit Scene, Story Meaning

After that, when the police investigator explains that something activated one of the theme park’s otherwise inactive security cameras the night of Seo Ha-murder, Yoon caught photos of her assailant in the act. The series glosses over the heinous nature of the crime to indicate that it occurred on the same night when Ri-eul took Ah-yi for a trip on the Ferris wheel into a sky filled with fireworks. Which it achieves with a series-ending time hop in which we see Ah-life Yi several years after the story’s key events.

Here’s everything that occurs in “The Last Performance,” the last episode of The Sound of Magic, and what it means for the themes of this beautiful coming-of-age story.

In The Sound Of Magic, Who Murdered Seo Ha-Yoon?

A juvenile murder plot is one of The Sounds of Magic’s least successful narrative themes. It is an unnecessary horrible addition to the world, meant to elevate the stakes regarding the Ri-treatment of Eul by the community, allowing Ah-yi and Il-deung to come to his assistance in various ways. Ri-ostracism Eul is perhaps already stated and amplified in other ways, including the stigma associated with mental illness.

Having said that, we learn in the last episode that Ah-previous Yi’s employer, Kim Doo-Sik, was the one who murdered Ha-Yoon. Ha-Yoon, like Ah-yi, worked part-time at Doo-business. He also sexually attacked Ha-Yoon, as he did Ah-yi afterwards.

Ha-Yoon taped everything and blackmailed Doo-Sik for money. When Ha-Yoon saw Doo-Sik at the supposedly deserted theme park, he murdered her.

At The End of The Sound of Magic, What Happens to Ah-yi?

Following the major events of the story, we meet Ah-yi some years later, and she’s doing much better. When we met her, it was her ambition to skip the next few years of anticipated difficulty so that she could be an adult with greater control over her own life—and now she has that dream thanks to the time leap.

She is now a college student with part-time employment. Her father has found work and is now able to spend every weekend with Ah-yi and her sister. They’re doing well and have a feeling of stability that Ah-yi lacked when we first met her.

That said, she hasn’t lost the innocent delight she discovered via her bond with Ri-eul. Her side hustle is working as a restaurant magician. As a result, she gets to be the person who delivers “genuine” magic into the lives of children. In some way, she is passing on the gift that Ri-eul gave her. And she appears to be content.

What happens To Il-Deung?

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Il-Deung again after the time leap, but considering where we left him—rich and beginning to be able to speak for himself in his relationships with his parents, classmates, and the other adults in his life—I assume he’s doing OK. I like to think that he and Ah-yi get together now and then to practise their magic. (After the time jump, the two go on a date in the webtoon.)

What Befalls Ri-eul, The Magician?

After the time leap, we also don’t see Ri-eul. But, before he flees the cops, he gets his wish: someone who believes in the power of his magic.

The End Credits Musical Scene From The Sound Of Magic

Do not cancel your viewing before the credits roll. The end credits include a charming scene of the actors performing on stage for the other cast and crew. It’s charming and vibrant, and it serves as a reminder that most renowned performers are theatre kids at heart.

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