Saturday , September 24 2022
No Husband, No Money - Shan George Tackles Ladies That Bleach

There Is No Such Thing As A Single Mother – Shan George

Nollywood actress and film producer, Shan George, has stated that no woman is a single mother.

Shan George took to her Instagram account to condemn those who constantly place titles on men and women to belittle them.

The actress said people were either mothers or fathers, stressing that attaching the term single to their title of parenthood was unacceptable.

Shan, who was born in 1951 to a British dad and a Nigerian mom, had her first marriage when she was just 16 and presently has two children from broken marriages.

She has acted in movies such as Outkast, Itohan, Tim ba t’aiye wa, Computer Girls, Masterstroke, Deadly Desire, More than Gold, Hidden Treasure, Welcome to Nollywood (Documentary), Connected Firm, A Can of Worms, The Wages, and many more.

Meanwhile, foremost Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji has gone down memory lane recounting how she started her blog fifteen years ago.

The single mother of one and billionaire media mogul, in a post on Instagram, shared her journey into blogging and how she pioneered entertainment news online in Nigeria.

Sharing her first blog post, she captioned it; “Exactly 15 years ago today, 26th of November 2006, I created a blog and wrote my first blog post… the best decision of my life!

I started with introducing myself, then subsequent blog posts was me sharing personal stuff which was the order of the day back then but sometime in early 2007, I decided I wanted to stop talking about myself and start talking about other people…lol. And so, it became a gossip/news blog.” Read more

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