This Is One of Wildest Golf Course Confrontations We've Ever Seen

This Is One of Wildest Golf Course Confrontations We’ve Ever Seen

Golf is a good game, perhaps the best of games, but the course has a tendency to bring out the very worst sides of people so from time to time we get a peek at the truly insane things that are happening and both public and private tracks all around this great nation. Some of them escalate to needless violence between weekend warriors of varying yet largely insufficient physical fitness and a person could argue that if you’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all. The latest clip, however, challenges that assertion.

We jump in with the situation already in progress, apparently sparked by a gentleman picking up the wrong ball and another group not too happy about that development. Anyone can tell there’s going to be escalation just based on the way he’s standing, with arms folded in front of himself and a stare that could bore a hole in the richest of mahogany. Just as a pro tip, if you are ever in a discussion with someone effecting this stance, there’s a 90 percent chance it’s about to go down.

And it very much goes down, with his anger crescendoing to a point where the only way to not be consumed by it is to rip off a dad polo to reveal a body carefully crafted in a strip mall gym where you pay month-to-month.

The language is not great and a little spicy and certainly not to be condoned but even the most troubled have to admit he fires off some good lines.

“You see that? That’s a dude that’s been to heaven, b—h, and you want to test god.”

How does a person even come up with a taunt like that? Especially in the heat of the moment, off-the-cuff.

Thankfully, it looks like cooler heads and barer torsos prevailed and no one felt compelled to test god or get planted. The 19th hole must have been something, although I think you finish the round and get the hell out of there if something like this happens, while never, ever returning to that particular course.

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