Saturday , May 14 2022
TikTok star JenniFrank debuts short film 'The Internet Never Forgets'

TikTok star JenniFrank debuts short film ‘The Internet Never Forgets’

The three-minute film features the celebrity influencer in a full display of emotions―fear, anger, regret, sadness, resignation as she narrates the side effects of blackmail and the stress of dealing with it outside the law in a way that underscores the message that anything put online leaves a digital footprint that can be found decades after it was posted.

The message of the ‘The Internet Never Forgets’ is timely with the latest trend of celebrity scandals.

The film is scripted and directed by JenniFrank and filmed by David Cliq for the ongoing TikTok

“When people are going through stuff in their personal lives, they put it out on social media; some people even blackmail others and put it out on social media. My video is a reminder that this can have long term consequences that may not be so pleasant, so we should be careful of what we share,” JenniFranks says on the short film.

The warning was coming at an opportune moment in the light of the ongoing Tiktok #ShortFilm competition.

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