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Timeline of Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz's marriage

Timeline of Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz’s marriage

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From the cheating allegations to the misappropriation of funds, the last couple of months has been filled with jaw-dropping exposé of the celebrity couple’s marriage.

Like several celebrity marriages that have hit the rock, this one took the front row because of the support it got from fans and Nigerians.

Okay, guys, here’s a timeline of Funke and JJC ‘s marriage that you should know.

It’s no news that Akindele was once married to popular Oshodi-based businessman, Adeola Kehinde Oloyede. That marriage ended even before it was time to celebrate its first anniversary.

In 2016, the actress found love again and this time around, in the arms of JJC Skillz. It didn’t take long before the celebrity couple walked down the aisle. They later welcomed a set of twins.

When all that glittered looked like gold

Akindele and JJC’s marriage was seen as a union made in heaven and a business partnership probably sealed in the most elitist business school in the world. Everything seemed right!

They became business partners, with JJC venturing into her filmmaking business. On the red carpet, they were a beauty to behold.

They looked like Siamese twins as they showed up at every gathering in each other’s arms. Let’s not talk about how they celebrated their birthdays on social – left the single pringles in shambles.

In 2020, at the height of the coronavirus epidemic, the government issued a total lockdown in the country. This measure was to reduce and curb the spread of the virus. While may were observing the lockdown, the couple hosted a party at their house which sparked Twitter backlash the following day. The party was to celebrate Skillz’s birthday.

Police arrested Akindele before the Nollywood icon and her husband were arraigned before the magistrate court. The couple was sentenced to 14 days of community service with a fine of N100, 000 each.

Like they say ‘there is no smoke without fire.’ In April 2022, JJC’s son, Benito, commented on a post shared via TikTok where it was rumoured that his marriage was in crisis. He alleged that his stepmom was a horrible person.

According to the young man, the actress is not who many people believe she is. He also added that he lived in their house for two years and it was a horror. The young man disabled all his social media pages after going public about his stepmom.

Benito’s mum didn’t help matters as she continued to drag Funke and JJC. She went as far as releasing the photos of Funke’s twins on social media.

While Benito was running riot on his father and step mum on social media, the heat was on the couple involved. In an attempt to debunk the stories shared by Benito on social media, the couple pulled a united front on social media.

JJC released a statement denying that there were cracks in their marriage.

Cheating allegations and the weird AMVCA outing

Obviously not done with the grievance he had with his step mum and dad, Benito yet again dropped another bombshell. This time around he revealed that Funke and JJC were two peas in a pod. According to him, they were both cheating on each other. He also alleged that they had not slept on the same bed for two years.

The couple tried to remain united at least in the public eye as was seen during the 2022 edition of the Africa Movie Viewer’s Choice Awards. It wasn’t the usual lovey-dovey situation but they showed up.

In June 2022, JJC Skillz took to his Instagram page to announce their separation. According to him, the last two years were difficult for their marriage.

He revealed that he moved out of their matrimonial home three months before their separation on Funke’s insistence. He hoped to have a meeting with the actress so their business alliance can be disentangled.

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