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Tips on dealing with insomnia                    (Guarantees a good night’s sleep)

Tips on dealing with insomnia (Guarantees a good night’s sleep)

Adults may develop short term acute insomnia which could last for days or weeks but some deal with it for months or even years (long term acute insomnia)

Causes of insomnia may stress, eating really late in the evening, alcohol or caffeine, poor sleeping habits, health conditions etc

Changing your lifestyle habits can help ease the consequences of insomnia and insomnia itself.

Here are some of the things you can do to get a better nights rest.

Create a quiet and peaceful resting environment: make sure that you associate your bedroom with rest and sleep by keeping it clean, lightning should be kept at a minimum, don’t work in your or just create a workspace different from your bed area, noise should also be controlled.

Playlist: music has been associated with helping people feel happy, calm or even sleep.

Create a playlist that helps you be calm, or feel peaceful, check YouTube for recommendations, also artists like Enya, “asmr” noise, soulful music are highly recommended.

Then put the playlist on repeat when you’re ready for bed, clear your mind, and let the music help you sleep.

Create a consistent sleep schedule: Try to create a regular schedule for sleeping, try going to bed at the same time everyday for like a week and wake up at the same time everyday

For example, put off your phone by ten , finish tasks and go to bed then wake up by six in the morning consistently for a week,

This will help your body recognize a pattern and make it easier to fall asleep.

Exercise: light exercises like taking a walk in the evening, stretching before sleeping will help lessen the tension in your muscles and the stress that has built up in the course of the day.

It makes your body feel lighter, may tire you out a bit and get you ready for bed.

Cut back drinks and food before sleep time: Do not indulge in too much food, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, this will disrupt your sleeping patterns and might even give you digestive issues which will in turn keep you up all night.

If your insomnia symptoms persist after all this exercises, then it’s time to see a doctor, as it might be due to underlying health issues, or even cause issues with your health.

Your doctor might prescribe medications or medical exercises that you need to do, please follow all instructions.

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